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Business Re-Engineering Process of

Solstice Sunglasses
A process analysis on online web-store

Team 1

SaiPrasad Ambati Prabhakar
Ameya Patil
Prathmesh Pethkar
Atisha Shyam Poojary

trying virtual-try option and chatting with a client service agent for recommendation/inquiry. • The process involves a customer browsing through the product catalog / promotion details.Introduction • The main goal of the project is to redesign product selection process of a customer before checkout. .

. lens quality and appealing factor. • Customer is unable to communicate immediately with the retailer online when he have queries. cost time and increase task to the employees.Problems with the current system • When a customer likes the product online but would be unsure of how product suits him due to size. When the customer returns the product this will increases the return cost. • Solstice doesn’t provide recommendations to the customer.

. • Recommendation and justification: If a customer is allowed to try the product through virtual-try or accept the recommendations. Resolving this will reduce returns of product which increases revenue and bring down the expenditure. • Analysis and possibilities: The customer is not provided with the option of trying the sunglasses and also customer support is unavailable.Work System Method Level I • System and Opportunities: We are proposing a system where we plan to give the customer a better experience for buying sunglasses and reduce the possibilities of uncertainty. along with the online chat service which improves the conversion rate.

Work System Method Level II Analysis and possibilities: • Customers are the primary participant in this work system. the system will suggest refined options to the customers. . • If the products which the customer is trying to buy has been bought in the past with similar face-cut. • Customers will be satisfied if there is an interactive system where they can buy the products using virtual-try. • System would provide them with the live chat option with customer service executives in order to get more details of the product.

the system will offer an one time-discount..) Recommendation and justification: • The recommendation system will reduce the time spent by the customer in narrowing down the options according to the face-cut. • Based on the number of clicks on a particular product.Work System Method Level II (Continue. • Virtual try option will help the customer better confirm between the options that are available. . • The online chat customer service system will help resolve product queries and confirm upon the product.

GAP Model .

“TO-BE” BPMN Model TO BE Process .

Project Scoping .

000+$148.750 on a monthly basis. the call costs can be around $15. • Training Opportunity Costs This cost was associated with the training of chat representatives.035. Based on the usage volume.500 chats on a monthly basis.000.035 + $302. we assume the composite organization allocated 2 weeks of training. At a fully loaded hourly rate of $16. The total costs are $7. The service fee can be 2.400 + $175. We estimate that the composite organization recruited 6 representatives who manage chats within a 6‐hour shift and one supervisors to manage chat resources.COST ESTIMATION AND ASSUMPTIONS Total Cost = $17550 + $7.000 = $649. .985 • Annual Service and Usage Costs We assumed that the organization begins with 2. The total costs are $17550.25 for representatives and $35 for supervisors.

• Agents Implementation and Ongoing Support Costs We estimate that the organization involves six agents. . We enquired with the sales Team of AVASOFT [http://www. This gives the total costs $302. • Administrative Costs The costs for day to day administrative purposes are around $175..html] who estimated the project for $148.000.avasoft. • Virtual Chat and Smart Recommendation System Rather than developing the software from the scratch.Contd .biz/Solutions. These agents work six hours shift at a loaded hourly rate of $20.000 annually.400 annually. we recommend the Solstice sunglasses to outsource and buy the Virtual Try software and smart recommendation system.

“TO-BE” Work Systems Snapshot Customers Products & Services Online Shoppers SunGlasses Work Practices [Major Activities] Customers browses or searches for one or more products Customers communicates with online chat if they have queries Customer care may cross-sell or upsell Customers may experience the product through "Virtual Try" New customers will be offered discounts Customer places an order after choosing from the catalog Customer checks out and pay Store receives order and ships the package according to the order details Customer receives the order Store makes the profit Participants Information Technology Customer Chat Agent Bank Order Management Data Warehouse Product Catalog Product Description Order Details Payment Details Shipment Details Inventory Details Product Database Computer Web Service Payment System Inventory System Online chat Virtual Chat .

the training of the current agents. • Even with the virtual try or exclusive offers. the products are still essential to the process. and the recruitment of new agents. .Risk Factors • The cost may increase in the development/integration of the new system. So if the products lose their competitiveness in the market. the potential of the virtual try feature might be compromised.

which handles effectively the work load and security concerns of the system.Mitigation Plan • The Virtual-try feature can be purchased directly from a third party at a price cheaper than developing from scratch. so it eliminates the time before implementation. • Develop a proper software architecture. . • Analyse the trend among customer preferences. • The Training Department should monitor the service quality periodically and individual sales target should be set up.

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