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World flags have an incredible amount of importance and

symbolism to people all over the globe. Some flags are
mirror images of each other their colors and shape may
have specific meaning of individual country such as Italy
and Hungary.
Many world flags share unique characteristics,
specifically with regard to shape and color. With the
exception of Nepal, all flags are rectangular, although
the exact sizes may differ. Many flags also share
colors, with red being the most popular, followed by
white, green, blue, and yellow, respectively. proudly recommends if
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Afghanistan flags

The current Afghanistan flag was
adopted by the Islamic. The colors
black, red, and green appeared on most
Afghanistan flags. Black signifies the
past, red is for the blood shed for
independence, and green can represent
either hope for the future, agricultural
prosperity, or Islam.

Australia’s flag was designed to
represent its people, its historical ties to
Britain, and its unique place in the
world. The Australian flag is known as
the Blue Ensign. It has a deep blue field
in which are placed the Union Jack and
six white stars.
Australia Flag

Canada Flag

The Maple Leaf, Canada’s National Flag,
also called l’Unifolié, which means “the
one-leafed” in French, is a red flag
featuring a white center square, in the
middle of which is an 11-pointed,
stylized, red maple leaf. It is used as the
country’s national flag, as specified by
Canadian law..

Burundi is a country located in the
eastern part of Africa. It is a landlocked
country, though one side of it borders on
the Tanganyika Lake. Burundi’s flag
shows a white cross that goes
diagonally from corner to corner.
Burundi Flag

Colombia Flag

Andorra Flag

Columbia was adopted in November
of 1861. This makes it one of the
oldest flags in the world. The flag is
horizontal and has three colors, red,
blue and yellow. The Colombia flag
is often used for commercial
purposes at soccer games.

The flag of Andorra is a rectangular
flag. It is a vertical tricolor, with deep
blue near the hoist, yellow at the
center and red near the fly. The
yellow band is just a bit wider than
the other two and contains Andorra’s
coat of arms.

Antigua & Barbuda

Azerbaijan Flag

Barbados Flag

Bangladesh Flag

Belgium Flag

Belarus Flag

Bahamas Flag

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