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Textual Analysis of


Rock Sound’s general style overall.

Rock sound typically have their R
logo heading, usually in black,
white or red. These colours may
be associated with the alternative
genre therefore used to attract the
target Audience. The logo is used
as a type of branding used solely
on Rock sound magazine products.
The main photo is often a medium
close up or a medium long shot.
The medium close up gives the
reader the idea that the magazine
has a more personal relationship
with the artist whereas the
medium long shots are used to
construct the composition of the
cover and often used to include
multiple people or objects in the
shot. Rock Sound magazine has a
fairly busy cover giving the
impression that the magazine is
full and giving the reader the
impression that they are getting a

Cover Page Analysis
Masthead – the name of the
magazine, including the brand
logo of the R as the
magazine’s distinguishing
factor. The white font is bold
and eye catching as it stands
out over the grey and orange
of the magazine. This implies
that the magazine is
entertaining and connotes the
stereotype of the ‘hard’ and ‘in
your face’ style of the
alternative genre in order to
attract the desired target
Buzzword – This is used to
attract the reader and gives
the impression that the
magazine is close with the
artists and able to gain
‘exclusive’ information. The
black font against the white
background and the zig-zag
shape around it emphasise

Selling line – gives the readier
insight to what’s in the magazine.
Quite busy, gives the impression
that the magazine is full and the
close up of the musician’s faces
implies that the magazine is
intimate with them and promotes
– The
the magazine.
headline is the
biggest text on the
page other than the
masthead, this
attracts the reader’s
attention. The orange
font emphasises the
band’s name and coordinates with the
side banner.
Anchorage- The sentence is
short to engage the reader
and is highlighted in the
white alongside the headline
to entice the reader and
show that it is linked with
the main image on the

Cover Page
Plug- Advertising the
available merchandise to
The font of the word ‘Free’ is
darker, larger and bold in
comparison to the following
text in the selling line. This is
to attract the reader as free
items are popular to the
audience that a magazine of
Side Banner- This is
this price attracts.
highlighted orange to attract
the attention of the reader.
Orange is a bright colour
giving positive connotations.
The side banner is busy with a
higher ratio of text over
images. In this case, the
banner is advertising the CD
that comes with the
magazine, persuading the
reader to buy it.

Main Photo- This is a
medium shot of the front
woman who is bright with
head and shoulder’s of the
two men in the
background who are
dressed in black. The
contrast of the photo has
been edited to make the
central woman lighter. This
matches with the
masthead and connotes to
the audience that she is a
positive role model. Hayley
is in front of the other two
people, making her the
first person the reader
sees when they look at the
magazine, making her
appear to be the most
important person on the
is emphasised
Barcodeis small and
of orange
out, not
the cover
it matches
of the
her hair colour.
obvious to the
reader in order to catch their
attention with other

Contents page
Hierarchy – The title ‘Rock
Sound’ is the biggest text on
the page and has the biggest
weight as it is branding for
the magazine. The second
biggest is the word ‘danger’
which has also been coloured
red for emphasis and is
larger than the rest of the
quotation. The subheading’s
of each feature is larger and
in bold above the text. It is
more important because it is
used to attract the reader
therefore is more visible in
Leading and tracking –
order to draw people into
Between each subheading
reading the article.
and text there is a fairly large
space to accentuate the
information below and
dramatize the headings to
captivate the reader.

Image- The artist is
dressed all in black,
almost blending in with
the background. The
photo was taken with
low key lighting which
highlights the artist and
emphasises his facial
expression. The use of
shadow and black space
connotes death and
darkness which is a
Composition- The ratio
convention of the
between text and image on
alternative genre.
this page is approximately
40/60, with a 3 column grid.
The page uses three main
colours, black, white and red
which in conjunction link to
the target audience of the
magazine as these colours
link to the alternative genre

Double page spread analysis
Graphic Art- This adds a uniqueness to the article and highlights the
magazine’s more laid back style. The text within the yellow bubble is in
the same font as the heading and the quote at the bottom of the other
page, perhaps to represent the band’s style. The yellow attracts the
audience as it contrasts the black and white of the second page and
enhancing the red of the lead singer’s hair and coat.
Main Image - This
image is the focal
point of the
spread, Gerard
Way is alone and
in the centre of
the image. The
black background
emphasises the
red of his hair and
jacket making him
stand out. This
goes well
alongside the
yellow of the
graphic art as this
page is likely to

Composition- The
ratio of text to image
is approximately
25:75, making images
of the artist the main
focal point. The
largest area of white
space is surrounding
the black text, making
it stand out alongside
the black background
of the large image.
Spread is laid out in a
3x3 grid, with the
large photo of Gerard
Image- This image
Way taking up a whole
takes up more space on
the page than the text
to draw the reader in.
This image features all
the band members,
showing that the
magazine has a
personal relationship
with the whole band

Double page spread
Typography - A wide
spaced, modern, black
font has been used
which makes the bold
text stand out on the
white background.
Columns- Columns are
used to separate large
blocks of text and allow
more of the page to be
utilised. They add to the
simplistic composition of
the page, allowing the
article to remain in the
square of white space
therefore becoming more
aesthetically pleasing.

Hierarchy - The title /
band's name is the
biggest text in the
article and holds the
most weight as it is
the most important
text on the page.
The heading is used
to attract the reader
to the article and the
stimulates the
reader's thoughts
making them want to
read on.

• Mise en scene - The use of colour contrasting is
prevalent throughout the magazine and is used to
make certain aspects stand out. For example, on the
contents page the background is dark in comparison to
the artist's bright red hair and is further dramatized by
the use of low key lighting. Alternatively, most studio
photoshoot's are taken with key and fill lighting unless
there is a desired effect such as a shadowy, dark
setting.The costume of the musician is used to reflect
their personal style and the genre of the magazine
itself. Many of the artists have been given props such
as musical instruments or relevant items to emphasize
their style. Blocking can be used to frame a photo and
is frequently used in Rock sound when there are
multiple people in the photograph.