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Definition of codes of ethics

Codes of ethics in tour guiding
Importance of code of ethics in tour business
Implementation mechanism of code of ethics

Ethics can be defined as branch of philosophy dealing
with values relating to human conduct, with respect to
the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the
goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such
A code of ethics is defined as written guidelines issued
by an organization to its workers and management, to
help them conduct their actions in accordance with its
primary values and ethical standards.
A code of ethics is a professional document developed
to guide the behavior of members of organization by

Although its main function it to guide the professional

behavior also a code of ethics can serve other function.
Code of ethics are referred to by many names including
Code of conducts
Professional codes
Professional standards
Statements of ethics
Conduct guidelines

Code of Conduct and Ethics of the

Inappropriate Behavior among tour guides
Many tour companies use a code of ethics to prohibit inappropriate
behavior of tour guides. Inappropriate behavior can include lying to
managers or clients, engaging in fraud or embezzlement, failing to
meet specific operational standards or other similar conduct.
Promoting tour guides accountability
Owner, director or upper-level management accountability is an
important function of a companys code of conduct. These individuals
are usually required to exhibit honesty, transparency and integrity in
their daily roles. Not only do these actions set the companys ethical
tone, it also keeps individual owners and managers accountable for
their actions. Allowing an unethical manager free rein in a business
capacity can create difficult business situations that overextend the
companys resources.

Increase tour Company Reputation

Proudly displaying your code of ethics on your website or in
press releases, while taking care to ensure that your actions
are always in line with your words, can garner a positive
image among consumers and job-seekers, creating a loyal
customer base and helping to develop your brand image.
Improve Business Relationships
A code of ethics can help companies improve business
relationships. Ethical values are often designed to provide
guidance when working with other companies and the general
public. These values dictate how businesses handle contract
negotiations, customer questions and feedback or negative
business situations.

Legal Considerations/legal benefits

A comprehensive code of ethics can provide extra
protection on Tour Company if a tour guide commits a
criminal act in the name of company, as well. If a single
purchasing manager defrauds your suppliers, for
example, your code of ethics can help to convince a court
that your company does not endorse that kind of

Implementation mechanisms associated

with codes of ethics
A good Code of Ethics is characterized by the presence of
implementation mechanisms associated with it. These
include activities that the organization needs to set up in
order to:support the diffusion and knowledge of the code
foster the sharing of values and rules of behaviour
to monitor the effective implementation of the code and
manage its periodic review.

Implementation mechanisms associated with

codes of ethics
Introduction of Ethics Training activities; preparing ethic
program for new hires and existing employees.
Appointment of an Ethics & Compliance Officer.
Creation of an Advisory Board with tasks of supervision
and specific decision powers
Provision of rewards and bonus to those employees the
commit strictly with code of ethics.
Conducting review and evaluation of code of ethics.