Advertising and PR of Oil and Gas Brands

Presented By: Mihir (20091025) Nallinikanth (20091026) Sushant(20091052)

Rationale of Advertising & PR
Display product specifications To make one’s products stand apart amongst the

range of products competing Communicating brand’s value proposition Building good relationships with various publics Developing favorable corporate image
  

Case: British Petroleum (BP)
1930’s  Posters on company lorries  Color posters introduced for the first time  Dominant theme throughout the 1930’s was ‘horse-power’  Print advertisements in journals: The Autocar and The Motor Cyclist  BP Plus changed to BP ethyl  Wit and humor were used :  ‘She’ll never say no . . . on BP Ethyl’  Racing success and speed records achieved using BP products also featured prominently in the advertising

Case: British Petroleum (BP)
1950’s:  ‘Solus’ sites: Only one brand was available  Thus advertising targeted towards dealers and garage owners  tokens, free gifts and trading stamps dominated advertisements  Advent of television lead to mass advertising  The BP Superman advertising theme made its first appearance in 1954

Case: British Petroleum (BP)
Between 1977 and 1988 saw the long running BP corporate

advertising campaign of 6 commercials – ‘BP at its best’. 1984 : ‘Spot the Shield’ The objectives: BP was a successful British company and involved in a wide variety of activities. At the same time in BP Australia launched its ‘Quiet Achiever’ campaign During the late 1980s the focus shift from press to TV By 1988 the campaign was no longer pertinent as BP was more than just a British Company it was now a major international player

Case: British Petroleum (BP)
1989 : launch of the corporate advertising campaign

‘For all our tomorrows’ A series of commercials which were scripted in the minimum of alteration for local markets The most memorable campaigns was ‘BP On the Move ’ 13 different ad campaigns running in Europe alone Evolution of logo at BP

PR plays a role…
Maintaining the public image and brand of the

company in crisis 15 people died and 170 people were injured during the explosion in early 2005, which took place at BP’s stations in Texas According to Los Angeles Times, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined British oil company BP $87.4 million, the largest penalty the federal agency has ever issued for safety violations (

Other Global Majors
Largely same pattern follows in terms of advertising

and PR Exxon Mobil as a brand
 

Advanced bio-fuel campaign Saves gas Protects engine campaign

Shell as a Brand  Shell Brands International develops campaigns for Shell group  Responsible energy campaign  Made to move campaign

Indian Majors
More stress laid on TV commercials for advertising

products Brand ambassadors play a role on advertising:
  

HPCL: Sania Mirza IOCL: Irfan Pathan, Yuvraj Singh, Anil Kumble BPCL: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Narain Karthikeyan

Companies are still relying on efficiency and product

specifications like Octane levels, etc. to promote their products.

Learning so far..
Corporate Branding along with product branding

becomes important in oil and gas industry Advertising helps in developing the dynamically changing and evolving image of the company PR has an important role in handling public image and tackling negative publicity Oil and gas firms face challenges:
 

Maintaining an image as an environment as well as stakeholder(employees) friendly company As an innovation driven company promoting sustainable energy

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BP Super


BP 87 Britain at its best


BP- “On the move”


BP in Autocar journal


BP Plus


BP - evolution of company logo


Shell - Made To Move