Intel i7 Processor Equipped by Ms.

Disha Goyal

§ Introduced on nov 17, 2008(core i7 family) § Best desktop processors § Successor to Intel core 2 brand § Revolution in multi-core performance § Incredible breakthrough performance § Amazing 3-D graphics

An Introduction…… §

ü üQuad-core replacing core-2 duo üHigh clock speed of 2-3.2 GHz üCache increased from 6 MB to 8 MB ü20% more shades in graphics ü32 nm replacing 45 nm microarchitecture. ü ü ü Whats New….????? ü

ØTurbo-boost technology ØHyper-threading ØIntegrated memory architecture

New Technologies…….!!!!!!!

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Boosts up the CPU performance by increasing frequency of one or more cores depending on the number of active cores.

Factors that set the upper limit of Intel turbo boost technology are:

1.Number of active cores 2.Estimated current consumption 3.Estimated power consumption 4.Processor temperature

Turbo-Boost Technology

Turbo-Boost Technology

qMakes one core to appear like two cores to the operating system.

qDoubles the execution resources available to the OS, increasing the multi tasking capability.

qMore work done in parallel, completing tasks sooner

Hyper-Threading Technology

qIntroduced integrated memory controller with each core processor to speed up the data movement.

qData required by the processor is located in its own cache.

qEach controller has 3 paths to the memory.

Integrated Memory Architecture

Integrated Memory Architecture

Conclusively, this provides

üTrue multitasking experience. üPresents eye smashing 3D-graphics. üGives excellent gaming performance. üHigh performance delivered without extra power usage.


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