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In this case solar tree could be the best one for us . . so we should take the advantage of such an energy which requires a very less space to produce energy efficiently . In this case the solar energy is the best option for us. India is a highly populated country .INTRODUCTION Now a days with the growing population and energy demand we should take a renewable option of energy source and also we should keep in mind that energy should not cause pollution and other natural hazards.

It uses multiple no of solar panels which forms the shape of a tree. .WHAT IS SOLAR TREE A solar tree is a decorative means of producing solar energy and also electricity. The panels are arranged in a tree fashion in a tall tower/pole. TREE stands for T= TREE GENERATING R=RENEWABLE E=ENERGY and E=ELECTRICITY This is like a tree in structure and the panels are like leaves of the tree which produces energy.

COMPONENTS OF SOLAR TREE The solar tree consists of mainly five parts to design. Solar panels Long tower LDEs Batteries Stems for connecting the panels .

This technology is used to improve the efficiency of the plant .It is a technique used in designing of solar tree . . It provides the way to help the lower panels from the SPIRALLING PHYLLATAXY shadow of upper ones. so that it can track maximum power from sun.

 Likewise in solar tree solar plates are producing energy for the society.WHY WE CALLED IT AS SOLAR TREE  Tree can produce their own food material by the process called PHOTOSYNTHESIS.  Leaves are producing food materials for human beings. .

. Solar cells essentially create electricity by converting photons of light into electrons. Solar cell producing direct current.How Solar Panels Work? Photovoltaic cell converts sunlight into electric energy and this effect is known as photovoltaic effect. or AC by using inverter. or DC. this DC current is converted to alternating current.

. Efficient energy generation It can generate energy very efficiently as compare to traditional system. So we require such a plant which can generate max. It can collect energy from wind The stem are flexible so that they can rotate in any direction and by shaking themselves they produce energy also from wind as in the case of a natural tree.NEED OF SOLAR TREE Due to less land requirement It require less land as compare to traditional PV system. energy using minimum land.

Advantages of Solar Panel Ecologically Friendly Decreased Electrical Bill Low Maintenance Efficiency .

Traditional solar system Solar tree .100.12 acres of land in case of solar tree.WHY IT IS BETTER THAN A TRADITIONAL SYSTEM For the traditional system we require large size of land Example –To generate 2 MW power from a pv module we requires 10 -12 acres of land for housing of panels only. For the same amount of energy we require only 0.

APPLICATION Street light House supply Industrial power supply .

We must try to produce energy from sun by using solar tree in our country to increase our per capita land and fulfil the growing energy demand. .SOLAR TREE IN INDIA India being a developing country and highly populated requires a power plant where maximum energy can be generated by using minimum land.

ADVANTAGES No air pollution We wouldn’t have to worry as much about future energy sources People in poor country would have access to electricity People can save money Land requirement is very less .

DISADVANTAGES Cost is high May cause hazards to the birds and insects Hazards to eyesight from solar reflectors .

 Saving of land. .CONCLUSION To fulfils the increasing energy demand the people. The extra energy can be provided to the grid. This can provide electricity without any power cut problem. this project is very successful one.

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