Part - 1
Mohammed Amer Al-Batati


g. interference estimation. ad-hoc networks.What is MiXiM? “MiXiM is an OMNeT++ modeling framework created for mobile and fixed wireless networks (wireless sensor networks. body area networks.” .). Zigbee). It offers detailed models of radio wave propagation. vehicular networks. etc. radio transceiver power consumption and wireless MAC protocols (e.

PPP. TCP. Ethernet. “ . OSPF.11. 802. IP. MPLS. and many others. including UDP.What is INET? “The INET Framework is an open-source communication networks simulation package for the OMNeT++ simulation environment. IPv6. SCTP. The INET Framework contains models for several wired and wireless networking protocols.

” . Fortunately these are the layers for which the INET framework provides a lot of very detailed modules. etc. So the idea of Mixnet was to bring INET and MiXiM together to be able to use the wireless NICs from MiXiM together with the upper network stack from INET.). application layer.What is Mixnet? “Mixnet was a project contained in MiXiM's "inet" folder which provides all modules.” Why? “Since MiXiM concentrates on providing very detailed models of wireless network interface cards it does not provide very sophisticated upper layers (network layer. examples and documentation concerning using MiXiM and INET together in the same network.

Requirements This tutorial shows how to install Mixnet using OMNet version 4. can be found here. which is INET but has been made compatible with MiXiM by removing all wireless related modules. It can be found here . version 4. can be found here. 2.1 archive containing two projects: MiXiM and Mixnet. OMNeT++.1 under windows platform. The "inet4mixnet“.1. 3. to do so you need the following: 1. MiXiM version 2.

e.1. . Try to start with this. To those who have no experience with OMNet.Installation 1. create your own (i. don’t use spaces. When you are asked about Workspace folder. 3. it is highly recommended to start reading about it first.. Install omnet++ version 4. myMiXiM). Open OMNet IDE. 2.

File -> Import -> General 6. 4.Installation. “Exiting Project into Workspace” -> Next . import inet project. OMNet IDE will be opened with empty projects. 5. First.cont.

“Select archive file” -> Browse to inet archive file -> Open .cont. 7.Installation.

Select inet project -> Finish.Installation. 8. It takes a while! . INET project should appear in the projects list.cont. INET project is imported and built automatically (if not build it). 10. 9.

at Project label. From File -> Import -> General -> Existing project to Workspace -> Select archive file -> Browse to MiXiM-2. 11. 13.cont. 14.1.gz -> Open . Now. import MiXiM and Mixnet project. Uncheck “Build Automatically”. After building the project correctly.tar. 12.Installation. you can see the inet libraries and zero errors.

Right-click on Mixnet -> properties -> Project references. After importing.cont. 15. Select Finish. Select both “MiXiM (MiXiM)” and “Mixnet (inet)”. You can see that Mixnet depends on both MiXiM and inet. 14. 16. .Installation.

17. Good Luck! We have done with installation. . After building the projects.cont. 19. 18. You can see all project libraries with no errors. Build all projects from Project -> Build All.Installation.

Good Resources About OMNet  Tictoc tutorial  OMNet Manual  OMNetGroup tutorials About MiXiM and Mixnet  MiXiM Sourceforge page .

suggestions. Suleiman Zubair (PhD Student) for his feedback.Acknowledgment I would like to thank Eng. and comments. .