Investigativ e Reporting

Print Media II- Specialized Reporting and Feature Writing Module-1: Advanced Reporting


Investigative Journalism is when reporters deeply investigate a topic of interest, often involving crime, political corruption, or some other scandal. It is to discover the truth and to identify lapses. In the old-fashioned sense, investigative reporting is simply good reporting.


In-depth, long-term research & reporting Documentary research and use of public and private records, following the paper trail. Extensive interviewing. Crime-solving tools and methods (undercover reporting, hidden cameras, surveillance)

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Belief in the watchdog role of the media Focus on the accountability of institutions and individuals wielding power The journalism of outrage: belief in the power of the media to catalyze reforms Revealing information others want to keep secret and not known to the public.

Investigative reporting is a process: Working from the outside in to bring inside out.

Investigative reporting involves investigating wrong-doing by individuals or institutions. The general key issues are

Who is responsible for the wrongdoing? How was it done? What are the consequences? What can be done about it?

Investigative reporter is...

Determined Patient Careful Fair Researcher

Key Skills for Investigative Reporters

Predicting Interviewing Observing Analyzing Chasing Documents

Knowing the Law Understanding of procedures Fighter Sourceful Researcher

While working on an investigative story
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First Lead, Tip or Hunch Sniff Form an Investigative Hypothesis Follow the Investigative Trail: Paper, People and Electronics Organize information Fill in the Gaps: More data or interviews Write the Report Fact Check Libel Check

Prepare the answers
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Express your understanding on Investigative Reporting with examples. How investigative reporting is different from other reporting techniques? To work on an Investigative Story what steps a reporter should follow? Discuss the core skills of a reporter working/willing to work on investigative Reports. “Investigative reporting is working outside in to bring inside out.” Explain.

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Collect 5 investigative stories and write your comment on each as a reader. 10 Prepare a team of two and Carry out an investigation on ‘Status of educational facilities for girls in Achrol’‘Main problems being faced by the local inhabitants in Achrol’‘Developments taken place in last five years in Achrol’ ‘The impact of terrorism activities in India on Indian Tourism Industries’ ‘Political change in Rajasthan- Issues and Challenges’

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