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Strange things

about brilliant
people in the

We all know
Pythagoras as one
of the greatest
mathematician of
the ancient world.

Perhaps we all know by

theorem that bears his name
about right triangles. He had
many other contributions but
some of them were even

started a cult
He named this
religion after
him because he
himself a god.

. He claims to be able to talk to

animals, predict the future and
control natural phenomena.

One of the basic beliefs of his

religion is that the entire
universe can be litter based
represent to the numbers and
that was proven by scientists.

However, he went to extremes,

believed in reincarnation and in
terms of food, beans it was

They were not allowed to eat


Kurt Godel

Kurt Godel was a

famous logician and
mathematician; he is
considered one of the
leading logicians in
history and he was a
contemporary of
Albert Einstein.

Kurt Godel had an

obsession: he was
convinced he will die

His paranoia has

become so intense
because of this fear
that he consume only
food prepared by his
wife . He always put
his wife to taste food
to prove that it is not
He died by starving
himself while his
wife was

It's ironic that a great logician in

history died from an absolutely
ridiculous logic.

William Chester Minor

Oxford Dictionary of English
was the first dictionary of
quality indexed and explained
in detail every word in the
English language. To make
this dictionary were
necessary numerous
examples and quotes that
exemplify concrete true
meanings of words.
Volunteers were sought for
this work.

William Chester
Minor was an
passionated of
English, who
offered to do
this work and
did it great.

Nothing strange until here. But William was in

an insanity asylum when he did this work. He
was jailed there because he had killed a man
following a paranoid episode. His mind
continued to deteriorate until he used a knife
to cut off his penis. He was addicted to work.

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson was one of the most
important American presidents , so
important that they put him on the $
20 banknote . He had a reputation as
being extremely tough, rowdy and
rancorous. As a soldier and general
was absolutely ruthless

but when it wasn't at war-one of his

passions- it was fencing with
muskets. Legend says he was shoot
so often that when he went, his body
sounded like a bag full of balls and
bleeding constantly.

He was also
famous for the
wild parties he

At one of these parties he served a 6-kilogrames cheese wheel . The cheese

was a gift that was kept in the white
house lobby for years. The smell was
so strong that it could be felt for
hundreds of meters. Legend says that
today in the White House the smell of
Jackson's cheese can be still felt .

Walter Disney

Walter Disney was a brilliant

filmmaker but apparently he
was also a little psycho. He
didn't allowed any women to
work in his studio. motivating
that creative work is not for
women. He was also quite racist
and was accused of
inappropriate images and
sounds put in his creations and
more than that was a
sympathizer oh Nazism.

What was strange about

him is that he had an
obsession with facial hair.
He did not allowed any
employee to have hair on
the face.

He didn't even allowed any

visitors to the park with hair on
the face until the 70s. What is
really bizarre is the fact that
Walter had a mustache at the
age of 25 years.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu

Yoshiro Nakamatsu is one of

the most successful
inventors in history.
The most famous is the
invention of the floppy disk.

And this is how it looks like:

. However ,most of his

inventions are quite
strange and quite
unnecessary. What is
more bizarre is how the
ideas for new
inventions came to

He put his
head under
water and held
his breath
until he almost
died .
He is a famous in Japan for his
statement arguing that he will live
exactly 144 years, neither more nor
less. To do this performance it has a
very strict program.
It would be incredible if he will live
exactly 144 years, but he is still alive
and until now he did it. Currently, he
has 87 years.

These were six of the most famous

personalities of the world that although were
brilliant and sometimes had small glitches of
madness. They say genius is just on the
brink of madness and to be master in a field
, you must be crazy to have the dedication
or obsession needed.