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Guided By:
Prof. Mayurdhwajsinh

Prepared By:
Rajput Ghanshyamsinh S.
Raj Chiragkumar S. (120820109065)
Damor Kalpesh D. (130823109004)

Dr Jivraj Mehta Institute of

Electrical Engineering

Topics of this seminar

Literature survey
Project overview
Project Workplan

Real time power monitoring at houses
Sensing the power theft at the exact location
Transmitting the information over wireless to
Reduce the heavy power and revenue losses
Reduce the energy wastage
This system will provide a simple way to
detect an electrical power theft without any
human interface.

Literature survey
Different ways of monitoring power theft
GSM based power theft monitoring
Microcontroller based power theft
Power theft monitoring using PLC

Literature survey

Title Of Paper

Wireless Electricity Theft Detection using

zigbee technology


Virendra pandey
Simratsinh gill
Amit sharma


Wireless electricity power theft detection using

zigbee technology present and efficient and less
costly way to adulterate the wireless technique in
this research paper.This wireless system is use to
overcome the theft of electricity via bypassing the
energy meter and hence it also control the
revenue losses and utility of the electricity
authorised agency.
Mainly this system consist of microcontroller,
energy meter zigbee module to check for the theft
of electricity and send a message to the
authorised agency.

Literature survey

Title Of Paper

Embedded system of a wireless-based teft



S. Vijayaraghavan
N. Gokul Raj


The experimental result show that the design can

meet the basic needs of automatic theft
monitoring and expensibility. It can act as a
platform of wireless monitor system and supplies
a new hardware design approch for wireless
zigbee network. In here the theft can be identified
and also send a message through GSM and
capture the camera at the same time of theft

Literature survey

Title Of

Wireless design for power theft monitoring


Parul Ranjan
Namita Mehra
Prof. T. A. More
Shripad Bokand


Aiming the disadvantage of current antitheft

technology a novel smart grid based wireless
power theft monitoring system is proposed in
this paper. the proposed architecture is design
for single phase electricity distribution system
and this design can be implemented for three
phase system of electricity distribution with
minor modification.
This system consist of
1: wireless transformer sensor node
2: smart controlling station
3: smart transmission line sensor node
4: smart wireless consumer sensor node

Literature survey

Title Of Paper

Electrical power theft detection and wireless

meter reading


Sagar patil
Gopal pawasakar
Kirtikumar patil


This system actually find out on which electrical

line, there is a tapping. This is a real time system.
Wireless data transmission and receiving
technique is used. This will provide and additional
facility of wireless meter reading with the same
technique and same cost. This will protect
distribution network from power theft done by
meter tempering etc.

Project overview
Some indian states, there are 40% of electrical
power is theft by consumer so result in as indian
power sector is lossing Rs 5500 crore per year.
Our project is wireless power theft monitoring
and indication at local substation is use for
detect the power theft done by transmission line

Project overview
Whole system architecture is based on
integrating wireless network with existing
electrical grid. The architecture consist of
controlling station, wireless transformer sensor
node, transmission line sensor node, wireless
consumer sensor node. WCSN is module which
act as a consumer power metering device. That
measures the power consume by the consumer
and send a data to WTSN. Each feeder of the
transformer WTSN which monitors power through
each line and collect data from WCSN,
aggregates it and send to the CS.

Project overview
TLSN is another module associated with
distribution line mounted in each distribution line
Finally the data of WCSN and WTSN are compared
and error will be detected.

Virendra pandey, Simratsinh gill, Amit sharma, Wireless Electricity
Theft Detection using zigbee technology, 2013
S. Vijayaraghavan, N. Gokul Raj, Embedded system of a wirelessbased teft monitoring, 2013
Parul Ranjan, Namita Mehra, Prof. T. A. More, Shripad Bokand,
Wireless design for power theft monitoring.
Sagar patil, Gopal pawasakar, Kirtikumar patil, Electrical power theft
detection and wireless meter reading,2013
V.K.Mehta, Rohit Mehta, Principle of power system.

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