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Social Responsibility in the Philippines
Maria Nenette G. Barrios Philippine Working Group on Social Responsibility

Trends in Social Responsibility Practice in the Philippines Increasing mindfulness on triple bottom line

results of organizations’ decisions and activities, namely; people, planet , and profits Focus on strategic social responsibility by relating SR activities to the core business Philanthropic giving for immediate responsiveness such as in disaster relief Public-private partnership in poverty alleviation

1. Corporate-based Projects and Programs 2. Government and Corporation Partnerships in SR 3. SR Education

Selected Social Responsibility Projects:

Corporate-based Projects and Programs:
1. Petron Corporation 2. Philippine Daily Inquirer 3. Splash Corporation 4. Aboitiz Feed Mills 5. San Miguel Corporation

PETRON CORPORATION Oil Refining and Marketing

In partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature, conservation efforts in the Sulu Sea, particularly the Tubbataha Reef, Southeast Asia’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the marine environment Commitment of PhPesos 50,000,000.00 up to 2012 to support programs:

Expanding marine-based livelihood opportunities for residents of Cagayancillo, which has jurisdiction over the Tubbataha Reef Skills-building for island residents and college graduates for marine resources management

Philippine Daily Inquirer: National Newspaper

Newspaper Drive – collected more than half a million kilos of old newspapers to save at least 7,000 trees Journalism Workshops for Students – with a total of 1,185 students participating, this is intended to increase readership Financially supports NGO partners in their advocacies

Health Care & Consumer Goods Manufacturing and Sales

Splash Corporation:

 

Livelihood programs that help women in the community to learn cosmetology and hair care skills, with a donation of a home service starter kit of equipment, for entrepreneurship – currently with 8,000 graduates, with 75% using their skills for the beauty business in salons and parlors Scholarship grants to poor students taking up Pharmacy, Cosmetic Science Interactive literacy program for children – provides a nonformal mode of education with a structured curriculum, with use of computers and the Internet

Enterprise assistance program for swineraisers in Cebu province, thru: Animal husbandry training  Supply of feed meals for swine  Start-up capital for swine growing

Aboitiz Feed Milling Small Scale Swine Fattening Program

San Miguel Corporation: Earnings for Life Program
Entrepreneurship program established in communities adjacent to San Miguel plants to provide income opportunities:

Provision of 1-year interest-free capital loans ranging from PhPesos 20,000.00 to PhPesos 100,000.00 Business management support thru business coaching and bookkeeping

Government and Private Corporation Partnership in Social Responsibility
1. DECS-NGO Consortium 2. Cavite Provincial GovernmentFirst Philippine Holdings 3. Quezon Municipalities-East West Seed Company

Campaign for Quality Education by the NGO Consortium with the Dept. of Education

Goal is to reverse the public education crisis by raising the current national average scores of public elementary school students in the National Achievement Test (NAT) by 2012

Focus on retention, comprehension, and literacy and achievement

Includes feeding and nutrition, reading readiness, science achievement and computer literacy

Cavite Provincial Government-First Philippine Holdings, Inc. Integrated Community Development Plan
Development Program components:  Job referrals for displaced workers to zonal industries  Livelihood training activities, with a production center for locally made goods  Government financial support, loans, and savings mobilization driving startup enterprises nearer to sustainable livelihood

 

Training and community extension services with 3,000 farmers graduated in 11 towns Establishment of a credit facility Farmers organization for the installation of distribution systems for harvests and market linkages

Reduction thru the Promotion of Total Quality Vegetable Supply Chain Management

Quezon Municipalities-East West Seed Company: Poverty

Social Responsibility Education

De La Salle University Graduate School of Business - teaches the MBA course “Social Responsibility, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development” with ISO26000 as reference

College of St. Benilde - teaches social responsibility in the college level as part of ethics and values education

CSR Institute – resource center for best practices in CSR, which also designs teaching modules for seminars, with a special interest in SR for SMEs University of Asia and the Pacific and the Institute for Solidarity in Asia – organizes and administers the CSR Plan Competition for various organizations

Steps Taken to Promote the Wide Use of the Standard

  

Published 8 articles in national newspapers ISO26000 briefings to organizations Organization of ISO26000 Youth Sector blog site Participatory Action Research on the state of social responsibility in the Philippines – conceptualization and practices in relation to enterprise development

Plans Regarding the Use of the Standard

ISO26000 Training for Trainers

ISO26000 Training and Workshop for Users

Web-based ISO26000 Community of Practice Adoption of ISO26000 as a Philippine National Standard

ISO26000 Quick Information in Filipino

ISO26000 Conference, side event in the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility ISO26000 Philippine Registry

Training for ISO26000 Trainers and Training for ISO26000 Users
Training for Trainers:  The objective is to organize the national training force, who will in turn train ISO26000 users.  Strategy for efficient multiplier effects in dissemination Training for Users:  Conceptual training and implementation workshop for initial users

Web-based ISO26000 Community of Practice

Organization of ISO26000 practitioners to derive information, expertise, and other support from mutual collaborations Online presence, with occasions for inter-personal fellowship, forums, and workshops

Adoption of ISO26000 as a Philippine National Standard

NSB process to adopt ISO26000 as a Philippine national standard to facilitate adoption and adaptation across the country ISO26000 quick information on implementation for users, focusing on concepts and processes translated into Pilipino

Side Event in the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility

ISO26000 Conference:

Fellowship and meetings of ISO26000 Community of Practice and other users to share initial implementation experiences and learnings Positioned as a side event of the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility

ISO26000 Philippine Registry

Online national registry of users on the ISO26000 CoP website for sharing of best practices

Challenges Regarding the Use of the Standard

Organizational Challenges Attitudinal Challenges to Change Applicability to a Developing Country Challenge of Quality Usage of the Standard

Organizational Challenge

The Philippine mirror committee must be organized into a continuing support system for users, in terms of information resources, implementation advice and coaching

Will the members be available for the work?

Support staff from college and graduate school interns must be negotiated with the universities. An operations budget must be secured from grants and donations.

Attitudinal Challenges

Acceptability of the standard is premised on effective communication delivery modes to stakeholder groups.

Understanding of ISO26000 is crucial for stakeholder adoption of the standard.

Applicability to a Developing Country
Creative but careful adaptation to local conditions and needs, while keeping within the spirit of the standard
Present state of technological readiness, especially on environmental mitigation and conservation  Sources of operating budgets and financial investments

Quality Usage of the Standard

Provision of quality management processes regarding usage of the standards Remediation adjustment mechanisms in case of mishaps

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