Network Foundational Stone

From Basic Theory to Advanced Application
By 郭貫林 Sphinx Kuo

Operation within Our Equipment
• • L2 Switch (Cisco 2960) • Multilayer Switch MLS(Cisco 3550)

Traditional L2 Switch
Operation within a layer 2 switch

Multilayer Switch

Network DesignScalability and Multiplexing


Full-mesh Phone Network


Hub and Spoke Phone Network

• To view as a Data Stream • Use Multi-Channel in one Cable and dynamic adjust it Multi-Channel.

Hierarchical Design Model
• Access Layer ( 存取層 ) • Distribution Layer ( 分送層 ) • Core Layer ( 核心層 )

Traditional Model

Traditional Model Lack
• • • • Implementing redundancy Adding Internet access and security Accounting for remote access Locating workgroup and enterprise services

Modern Model

Our Vision of Our Future Network

About Vlan And Trunk

Virtual LANs


Switch Port Aggregation with EtherChannel
• Hope to upgrade to Higher Bandwidth. • Cannot really reach the ideal value we hope. • Two types:
▫ PAgP – Port Aggregation Protocol ▫ LACP – Link Aggregation Control Protocol

Spanning Tree
• Prevent Bridging Loop •

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