How this name came?

Harald Bluetooth was king of Denmark in the late 900s. United Denmark and Norway.

What is Bluetooth?

A wireless Media of communication Allows networking in a small based areas Uses radio wave of frequency 2.4Ghz

Terms related to bluetooth
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Hoping Frequency Piconet Line of Sight Omni direction

How it works?

Modes of operation

Air interfaces & Frequency bands

Technology Status
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Ericsson R520 Bluetooth/WAP/GPRS/Triband Ericsson T36 Bluetooth/WAP/HSCSD/Triband Alcatel OneTouch 700 GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth TDK Bluetooth Product Range Bluetooth-enabled Nokia 9110 linked to a FujiFilm digital camera Ericsson Bluetooth GSM Headset Ericsson Communicator

The Bluetooth Specification is a de facto standard containing the information required to ensure that diverse devices supporting the Bluetooth wireless technology can communicate with each other worldwide. The document is divided into two parts:  Volume 1, Core,  Volume 2, Profiles

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Used as PAN Used as Data transfer device in Phone Three way phone. Connect your PC or notebook to printers, scanners and faxes without the ugly and trouble some cable attachments

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Connect your wireless headset to your mobile phone . Car security. In your digital cameras.

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Wireless Cheaper Automatic Security Work on FHSS Synchronization Multi point connectivity No line of sight required Required Less battery Flexible Transmission Many devices for connection.

Wire less keyboard & mouse

 Less range of connectivity  Medium

Data Rate Transfer  Data security

Competing Technologies
Range:- At most 30cm  Bidirectional Communication  Data Transmission  Data Protection

HomeRF Data Transfer rate :- (1.6 Mbps) Range :- upto 50m Cost :- Medium Data Network Support:- TCP / IP