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What is eFront?
• eFront is a new generation, all-in-one learning management system (LMS/LCMS) • eFront can assist the process of creating effective distant learning communities • It can be used as:
– – – – – A training tool A communication tool An evaluation tool A certification tool A file management and sharing tool

• It can be used as an autonomous tool but it can also be combined with:
– Traditional education in classroom (blended learning) – Tools for synchronous learning (video-conference and virtual class)

eFront:Key Characteristics
• All-in-one eLearning solution
• (Build Content/Tests, Deliver, Assess, Reports)

• • • • • • •

Multilingual Standards compliance (SCORM/AICC Certified) Intuitive and Attractive (icon based interface) Runs everywhere (any OS, any bandwidth) Runs on anything (any browser) Fast, new generation web application (AJAX) Expansible (modular technology)

eFront Flavors
• eFront comes in three flavors

eFront – Open Source
• Freely available • Powered by the power of the community • Ensures the “correctness” of eFront’s core • Efficient penetration for global markets • Builds “expensive” awareness

eFront Educational™
• Builds on eFront core:
– An advanced multilevel course catalog – Payment solutions – Scaling support
• Support for several thousands of users and several hundred of lessons

– Additional educational modules – Business License and Guarantees

• Targeted clients
– Colleges/Universities

eFront Enterprise™
• Integrates a complete human capital development sub-system • Target clients: SME’s
• Business License and Guarantees • eFront Enterprise can:
– – – – – – – – – Test the knowledge of (candidate) employees (gap analysis) Organize internal training materials as training courses Build user-tailored training paths based on job descriptions Minimize the organization’s training costs Pin-point the best candidates for tasks Fulfill the inner-organization communication needs Retain the company knowledge Certify the employee knowledge Track the employee history inside the company

What’s inside eFront
• An environment to build lessons, to create tests, to organize content and the learning process (LCMS) • The end user learning environment (LMS) • A lot of tools to enrich the communication between users (community tools) • Tools to assess the learner improvement (assessment tools) • Advanced administration and system customization tools (admin tools)

eFront can be sold as …
• Software
– The end-user buys the system and installs it on their infrastructure – Fixed cost and yearly updates

• Service
– – – – The end-user rents a virtual efront server No need to have his own infrastructure Automatic system updates and backups Monthly payments

Content Creator


• Content editors and organization in multiple levels • Tests creation that supports multiple types of questions • Projects • Surveys • Glossary • File management / File Sharing • Access / Completion Rules • Import - Export Tools

LCMS: Tutor Basic Environment

Communication Tools

Tool Bars

Lessons Tools

LCMS: Lesson Metadata

Describe your lesson, the objectives, assessments, completion rules and external resources

LCMS: Content Editor

Embedded Visual Content Editor. You can embed to the content you create pictures, sound, video, applets, flash,..

LCMS: Content Tree

The Content Tree can have any depth and can contain three distinct types of data: Theory, Examples, Tests

LCMS: Tests
• eFront Supports a wide range of question types
– Multiple choice, fill blanks, open-answer, true-false, …

• Flexible options
– – – – – – Random test creation Presentation (all at once, one-by-one) Repeat (only once, unlimited times, specific number of times) Show correct answers Absolute time Integrate multimedia characteristics on testquestions (pictures, video, etc)

LCMS: Tests creation interface

LCMS: How tests look like

Remaining Time

Multiple Choice Questions

LCMS: Access Paths / Rules

Rules for content viewing

Rules for completing lessons

LCMS: Glossary
Glossary item

Glossary items get embedded with the content

LCMS: File Management

Integrated file management with preview

LCMS: Surveys

eFront integrates advanced Survey functionality

LCMS: Choosing active modules

We can activate/deactivate several modules for each lesson

LCMS: Import / Export and SCORM


SCORM: Using Articulate to create a Quiz

SCORM: Importing to eFront

LMS: Main LMS tasks
• Performs authentication • Organize Lessons to courses or categories • Tracks student activity and results on tests • Guides user through the learning material • Implements the time scheduling, rules etc from LCMS • Integrates tools like a search engine, bookmarks and user personal page • Integrates the learning process with the communication tools

LMS: User Authentication




LMS: Basic Lesson Page

Continue/Resume Lesson

Active modules and recent news

Current Content


LMS: Viewing content
Bookmarks and other info

Content Structure

Lesson Progress

Multimedia Content


LMS: Viewing content [2]

LMS: Full Text Search

LMS: Tests

Are you sure you want to make the test?

Multimedia Characteristics on tests

LMS: Test Marks



LMS: Rules

Rule Restriction

LMS: Communication Tools
Personal Messages

Forum Chat Calendar

Lesson and System Announcements

LMS: Statistics
Types of Reports

User report

LMS: Statistics [2]
System Reports

Admin Tools
• • • • • • • Add/modify Users Add/modify Lessons/Courses/Categories Add/modify Languages Backup-Restore (on System Level) Parameterize System Parameterize Users Profile System Security

• System Announcements

Admin: Main Interface

Admin: User Administration

Admin: Lesson Administration

Admin: Main System Configuration

Admin: Backup and Language Support

Customers in Greece

Short project description
Plaisio is the largest IT retailer in Greece. Plaisio uses eFront as a complimentary tool during the process of hiring and training for new employees and continuous training for current employees ALEX PACK is one of the largest retailers in Greece. ALEX PACK uses eFront as a complimentary tool during the process of on-job training and communication for employees

EQUAL - Technomatheia University of Crete Greek Ministry of Public Order General Federation of Handcraftmen, Professionals and Traders Polish Ministry of Interior Arsakeio Hellenic Management Association Municipalities Always-On

Technomatheia was a sub-project of the multi-region EU project EQUAL that offers formal training on several topics for professionals. eFront was used to distribute multimedia content to end users and ensure they have met a minimum of knowledge on the training subjects University of Crete uses eFront as complimentary communication, training and testing tool for several of its courses. The Greek Ministry of Public Order uses eFront as a training tool for the process of issueing the new EU designed passports The General Federation of Handcraftmen, Professionals and Traders uses eFront to communicate with and train its members The Polish Misitry of Interior used eFront as an internal training tool Arsakeio is the oldest private school in Greece. It uses eFront to distribute digital content to its students, as a communication medium between students/professors and as a filemanagement solution for its content library The Hellenic Management Association offers a broad range of its training material in digital format using eFront eFront is being used as a training tool for several municipalities in Greece including the Municipality of Androuses and Municipality of Aspropyrgos eFront was used as a training tool for ex-IT professionals in Denmark on IT subjects Epignosis built a full scale solution for PLEGMA, a provider of formal traning for professionsals in Greece. The solution includes the platform, the creation of end-user lessons, traning and support


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