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Motivation and Job


Why do people work?

In the 1980s professors Edward Deci and Richard Ryan from the
University of Rochester distinguished thesix main reasonswhy people
These are play, purpose, potential, emotional pressure, economic
pressure, and inertia
The first three motives tend to increase performance, while the latter
three hurt it
Companies most famous for their cultures from Southwest Airlines to
Trader Joes maximize thegood motives, while minimizing the bad

Direct Motives

Indirect Motives

Strategies to Motivate Employees

Involve employees in decision making

Employee recognition
Keep employees informed
Help fulfill career goals
Provide constant feedback
Frequent communication

The Best Companies To Work


Control Of Workspace = Better Performanc


Layout, height & configuration

Team workspace, meeting space choice
Manage personal lives & time


Shared workplace
Face-to-face interaction, idea sharing, informal meeting
Physical design solutions

Starbucks- A Hot Cup of Motivation

Businesses in service industry offering similar products are focused on
This is critical to success and can be achieved through sales yielded from
team work
Hence, essential for companies to motivate, reward and train employees
Starbucks is popular worldwide not just for its coffee but its cozy environment
and customer service
Fair Price = Customers of all ages
But Starbucks is also known for employee satisfaction


According to Financial Times, Starbucks is the 11th Best Place To Company To

Work For
Equality- All employees at Starbucks are referred to as Partners
All Ears Starbucks- Starbucks listens to employees requests for choicest
shifts exhibiting flexibility. These partners also have every right to point out a
flaw or make a suggestion. The Directors at Starbucks pay heed to every
voice they hear
Welfare- Great welfare policies from insurance to healthcare, employee
discounts and vacations. Benefits in the form of ESOPs as employees are paid
dividends which in turn motivates them to drive higher profits

Questions Raised In the Case-Study

the numbers of employees are usually from three to six.

Why is thesize of team an important factor?
What are the benefits to Starbucks of having small teams of staff in each branch?
Starbucks achieve success and adhereto the criteria of planning, execution and review
Explain three issues that need to be addressed in the planning process
Explain three things Starbucks can do continually to ensuregoalsarebeingaccomplished
How doesStarbucks manage to keep good relationships between their managers and employees?
The staff at Starbucks are empowered and motivated employees. Briefly explain, in your own words,
the three principles that Starbucks implement in motivating their employees

Size- An Important Factor

Determined by company/organizational task types, goals, and processes
A large team is hard to manage and sometimes it could bebiased to some individuals than others
It is difficult to know well and deeply every members of a large team
Smaller teams experience better work-life quality and work outcomes
Smaller team also may experience less conflict, stronger communication, and more cohesion
The benefits to Starbucks of having small teams of staff in each branch are:
It narrows the gap of bureaucracy and fosters stronger communication among the staffs
It creates bridge between organization-level strategy and staffing decisions
It eliminates the distance between different statuses and helps to treat employees equal
Experience better and quality work

Planning, Execution and Review

Three issues which need to be addresses in the planning Process are:
Equal Treatment
Listen to the Employees
Good Welfare Measure
Medical insurance(including health, vision and dental), commodities discounts,
house rent etc
Three things which Starbucks can do continually to ensure goal accomplishments are:
Motivate employees
Continue team work and communicate properly
Maintain excellent relationship with the employees and the customers

All of the staffs are called partners
Managers work with front line staff to maintain a good management system
Good relationship is ensured via:
Promoting understanding of shared goals
Promoting understanding of Task relevance
Managers and Employees both must have access in giving opinion
Equal Treatment
Flexible working hours

Principles of MotivationStarbucks

Equal Treatment
Listen to the Employees
Good Welfare Measure