“Green Hospitals”

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If not-call the hospital director and ask! Is your hospital cafeteria mixing animal products and/or animal by-products with their ‘vegetarian menus and calling them ‘vegetarian’ which is considered ‘fraud’ and not truly vegetarian and a disgrace to health care. Caveat emptor! is Latin for "Let the buyer beware!" . local and organic foods? If not.B E W A R E! Here is are the simple test ‘Markers’ of anti-green or non-green hospitals: Is your local ‘hospital’ serving fresh. call the hospital administrator and why! Is your hospital cafeteria clearly discriminating against the ‘vegan’ consumer by having no total vegetarian menu? Is your ‘hospital’ food and cafeterias clearly and properly marked or label the foods as ‘Vegan’ or ‘Organic’ or ‘Local’ or ‘Fresh’.

toluene and other carcinogenic compounds? What steps have been taken to create comfortable temperatures and to enhance daylighting? 6. reduced energy consumption.Materials and Resources: Does the hospital use recycled building materials and resources (such as water). renewable energy. green power and reducing ozone? 4. water use reduction and innovative waste water use? 3. including chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) reductions.Siting: Was the hospital sited with consideration for alternative transportation. adhesives and materials to avoid offgassing of formaldehyde.“Green Hospitals” 1-6 Criteria Here are the 12 criteria that The Green Guide uses to assess for green hospitals: 1.Indoor Environmental Quality: What has the hospital done to improve indoor air quality through increased ventilation and incorporating low-VOC paints. urban redevelopment and reducing any impact on the surrounding environment? 2.thegreenguide. storm water management.Energy and Air Pollution: What has the hospital done to reduce energy consumption and atmospheric pollution.Healthy Hospital Food: Do patient and staff meals include fresh. local materials or certified wood? 5. taking advantage of landscaping. “organic” or “vegan” or labeled with a reputable “health food” manufacturer? Is there a ‘suggestion box’ in the cafeteria? Adapted from http://www. local and organic foods? Is the cafeteria food clear marked.Water Efficiency: Is the hospital water-efficient.com/ .

energy-efficient equipment or other green products? 9.com/ . relieve stress and reconnect with nature? Are there green roofs? Does the landscaping use native plants.Waste reduction: Does the hospital have a program to segregate medical waste and to reduce.Contaminants: Does the hospital have a program for reduction of toxics such as mercury and PVC (which can leach toxic plasticizers into fluids in IV drip bags and tubing)? 10.“Green Hospitals” 6-12 Criteria Continued: the 12 criteria that The Green Guide uses to assess for green hospitals: hospitals 6.Procurement: Does the hospital seek out recycled paper. re-use and recycle general waste and furniture and equipment that are no longer needed? 12. local and organic foods? (Does the menu displayed clearly not discriminate against ‘vegans’ and reputable companies who can and do manufacture labeled ‘health foods’?) 7. staff and visitors can reflect. toxics reduction and recycling? 8.Green Education: Does the hospital train staff in waste reduction.thegreenguide.Healthy Hospital Food: Do patient and staff meals include fresh. water-efficient laundering. which reduce water consumption and the use of pesticides? Adapted from: http://www.Green Cleaning: Does the hospital use cleaning products that do not release hazardous chemicals? Are staff trained in their use? 11.Healing Gardens: Does the hospital have healing gardens where patients.

S.. U. .BEST CHOICE Balanced nutrition Exercise Simple natural remedies Trust in the Creator God Cleanliness Hydration/hybernation (rest) Outdoor activities Inner peace for stress reduction Connection to the Community Elimination of harmful substances. Z. Sulphur. Oklahoma. L. Lifestyle Center of America.A. Carles-Marcel. M.D.

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