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A Series of books by

Dr.Neeraj Kumar Sampathy

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Booklet 1


In this book I am going to demonstrate simple
techniques which help you in two ways:
1. It will create a way for you to pocket more coins
easily and
2. It will make things difficult for your opponent

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

A good player

will control the stroke to ensure

( that the Black does not move too

close towards the Opponent. (


Objective :
This simple techique shows you how to move the
Opponents coin out of the way, while pocketing your
first coin, to clear the path for your next coin.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Advantages :
1.While you move your farthest coin, you ensure that
you do not have to play that coin before you pocket the
one closer to you.
2.You also avoid playing your coin with a slightly
uncomfortable angle by doing this.

Objective :
While pocketing your first coin, you move your farthest
coin slightly. This allows you to pocket your next coin
which is closer to you, before finally attempting the
farthest coin.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Tip :Try to contact the 90 clock point on the white coin with
the 30 clock point of your Striker to pocket your first

Important :Keep your focus on the coin you are pocketing, once you
decide the angle

Objective :Here, you need to move the Black out of the way to your
next coin. Pocket your first coin such that your Striker
pushes the Black after hitting your coin.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Tip :You should use this opportunity to make your other coins
near the opponents base easier. Make sure that you
make both the coins near your Opponents base easier
in one stroke. During your attempt, if you can manage to
pocket one of the base coins, as it happens in ths Demo,
it is a bonus.
Important :By using this idea, you have a possibility of reducing
three of your coins before attempting the Queen. If you
go ahead and pocket the Queen after this, it will rattle
your Opponent and leave your with satisfactory result !
Objective :This is a very useful defense tactic. While pocketing your
first White, you push the Black in front of the Queen. The
Queen is now trapped between the Black on one side
and your White on the other side.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Tip :Moving your body towards the left side and facing the
direction in which the Striker travels will make the shot
easier to play. For good players, this shot on both sides, is a
bread and butter shot employed consistently during

Important :
Because the Striker hits the edge of the first coin, you can
play a firm stroke. The impact of the Striker will be less on
the second coin which works to your advantage.

While pocketing your first white, you get your second
white into an easy position to play. Once you determine
the angle, keep your focus totally on the first coin and
follow it with your eyes into the pocket. A simple but
extremely useful shot to employ during matches.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Tip :The priority is to pocket your coin whether or not you make
your Opponents coin difficult It is acceptable if you pocket
your coin and fail to make the other coin difficult but not vice


This idea is an example of the numerous ways you have at your

disposal to place hurdles along your Opponents path even as
you continue to pocket your coins. As you keep doing this you
increase your chances of winning when pitted against good

You can use this idea to make your opponents coin difficult
while pocketing your coin. With practice you will easily make out
the angle and force required for the desired result.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Tip :Move your body slightly to the right. Play a firm stroke wedging
the white between the cushion and the Black.

Important :Once you get the control over force and direction, you can use
this shot even when the gap between your coin and the
Opponents coin is slightly bigger.

:You pocket your white and simultaneously make the Black
difficult for your opponent. This is a very under utilized shot by
most players. This shot can be played on both sides to gain that
crucial extra turn from your Opponent.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Tip :Play gently as you cut the first White coin. Using more force
may result in the Black too getting pocketed in the same

Objective :To romove the Black while pocketing the first White coin so that
it becomes easy to pocket the next White. This is a routinely
employed shot which is used as per necessity to clear hurdles
near all pockets.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts

Tip :Adjust the path of the Striker to compensate for its movement
after touching the Black coin. Glance the Striker off the upper
half of the Black coin and aim to send the Stricker onto the
frame just below your coin near the pocket. If the Striker
touches the frame before meeting the coin, the chances of
double due are very less.

Important :To be a good carrom player, you need to master this shot. You
keep gerring positions like this, along with slight variations, time
and again.

Objective :This shot shows you how to move the obstructing Black out of
the wat while pocketing your White near the pocket.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 10

Important :With a small adjustment in the angle and the force with which
you release your Striker, you can get a very satisfactory
Result Consistently very useful as part of your overall strategy
to make things uncomfortable for your Opponent.

Objective :To make the Black difficult for your opponent while pocketing
your white.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 11

Important :A common mistake which beginners make is to watch the

Striker hitting the Black, rather than their own White which is to
be pocketed. This generally results in the White not getting
pocketed which defeats the purpose of the shot. Because the
force you use to cut your first coin is great, it is very unlikely that
the Black gets pocketed in the same stroke.

Objective :
As you cut your first coin into the left pocket, adjust the angle so
that the Striker moves the Black away from the pocket. This will
allow you to comfortably play the remaining Whites.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 12

Tip :Place your striker such that the coin is facing the bottom edge
of the pocket. Send your striker to the top edge of the pocket
with just enough force for the striker to go back and touch the
second coin sticking to your cushion.

Important :Focus on the coin you are pocketing The angle you create with
the striker placement as mentioned above, will carry your first
coin into the pocket comfortably.

Objective :While pocketing your first coin, make the second one sticking to
your cushion easier.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 13

Tip :Look at the point of contact on your first coin before you shift
slightly to the right. After confirming that your Striker will reach
the coin on the pocket, play your White firmly. Keep your eyes
on the White till it rolls into the pocket and allow the Striker to
do the rest.

Objective :This shot demonstrates how to send your Stricker to the

opposite side while pocketing your coin. This is used to clear
the pocket to make way for your other coin. Very useful when
you want to attempt an aggressive finish on both sides.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 14

Tip :While you play your first White, play straight and make the
Black push Red laterally. You now have the Queen and an easy
follower to finish the Board. The only adjustment you make is to
play your first coin slightly straighter. Use normal force to
complete your stroke.

Objective :The objective of this move is to make the Queen easy to play
and allow whites to complete the board.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 15

Important :It becomes easier to play a glance rather than pocket the coins
individually, once you know where to focus. Using too much
force will jeopardize your primary task of pocketing the first coin.
Play gently.

Objective :Play a glance shot to make the second coin easier for you to
pocket even as you pocket your first coin.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 16

Tip :Whites have a stranglehold over Blacks in this position. While

playing the first White adjust the Striker so that it hits the 2nd
White at around the 30 clock to 40 clock mark. This releases
your 2nd White and lets your complete the Board. With this
simple move, the Board becomes favourable to the Whites.


To pocket both the Whites without making the opponents coins

easier for him.

Objective :The key here is the angle at which the Striker reaches the 2nd
White. If you are careless while executing the shot, the 2nd white
may his the Striker twice and remain behind the Black.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 17

Tip :You squeeze your coin between the cushion and your
Opponents coin while pocketing it. Send the Striker in the
same direction as the coin. In case, your coin remains near the
pocket the Striker can reach it and tip it over into the pocket.
When you play the squeeze shot further up along the board
you will require the 2nd contact with the Striker to send you coin
into the pocket.

Objective :Sink your white while pushing the Black away from the pocket.
Once you get a feel for this shot, you will enjoy playing it. This is
a very useful shot to master and can be employed on both sides
as well as for thumbing coins with telling effect.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 18

Tip :Line up your Striker in such a way that it reaches your White
after your White coin pockets the Black. The White should hit
the Black flush in the center so that it does not deviate from its
path after pocketing the Black. Since the Striker is following
the same path, it will help carry your White too into the pocket.

Play with a stiff finger and imagine that the White is replacing
the Black and waiting for the Striker to touch it one its way
towards the pocket.

Objective :What do you do in a situation like this ? Simple. Pocket both the
coins in one stroke. The Striker follows your coin and leads it
into the pocket.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 19

Tip :This shot is relatively easier to play when the Black hugs the
cushion. The Striker should hit the White with moderate force
at an angle which literally makes the White replace the Black
in the same position. the Striker hits the White after the Black
gets displaced and takes it into the pocket. notice that the
Black , White and the Striker are all placed in a straight line
before the shot is executed.

Important :
with a stiff finger and imagine that the White is replacing
the Black and waiting for the Striker to touch it one its way
towards the pocket.

Objective :What do you do in a situation like this ? Simple. Pocket both the
coins in one stroke. The Striker follows your coin and leads it
into the pocket.

Booklet 1

Simple Concepts
U C G 20

Objective :The Striker follow through shot again. In this shot you can see
that one of the Opponent's White is pocketed by the first Black
and the other White gets displaced. The Striker goes on to hit
the 2nd Black and sends it into the now vacant area leading to
the pocket.

Advantages :You accomplish three things with this stroke :

1. You remove the obstacle near the pocket
2. You pocket your own coin with the same stroke and
3. You now have an open pocket to continue playing other coins
into the same pocket.