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Alexey Brodovitch

BY: Hager Ibrahim

 He Was born in 1898 in Russia and died in 1971

 His goal was to join the Imperial Art Academy

 He joined the Russian army in world war I

 After the defeat, he fled Russia with his family in 1920 and settled in Paris.

 (1920-1930) worked as a Graphic Designer in Paris

 In Paris, his Artwork prospered and he became in great demand designing

restaurants, posters and department store advertisements.

 He moved to the states in 1930 and started the Philadelphia College of Art.
There, he trained students the fundamentals of European design which focus on
illustrations, graphic design and photography.

 In (1934-58) he became the art director of Harper’s Bazaar, where he refreshed

the magazine with a modern spirit.

 After he left Harper’s Bazaar, he continued to teach, but only few design work.

 He was exposed to various artistic influences throughout his life, and his layouts
remain models of graphic intelligence and inspiration.
Alexey gained recognition for
his work when he won the
first prize in a poster
competiton for an artists’
soiree called Le Bal Banal
in 1924
Le Bal Banal Poster on the
streets of Paris
●It represents the process of
trading one’s identity for another
when wearing a mask.

●Brodovitch Remained proud

of this poster throughout his

●it’s considered one of the Oldest

surviving work by Brodovitch.
Brodovitch designed his own typeface in 1949.
"Al-Bro", an abbreviation of his name, has broad
and narrow strokes inspired by the symbols of
musical notation
♣ Brodovitch was the first art director to integrate
image and text. Most American magazines at that time
used text and illustration separately.

♠ This design show the integration of all elements of

graphic design; where he used repetition, diagonal and
horizontal stress.
Brodovitch Ballet
Brodovitch photographed several Ballet
companies like “Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo”
A photograph from Ballet (1945)
Sketches by Brodovitch of
patients at Manhattan State
Hospital, 1961

He drew it while he was suffering from depression due to the death of his wife throughout his hospital stay.

Most Famous design works of
Brodovitch at Harper’s Bazaar
Fashion magazine.