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Arjun E K
Roll No.12

What is a Hologram?
A hologram is an object like any other object in the

real world, with only one difference: instead of being

made of physical matter, a hologram is made entirely
of light.
Holographic objects can be viewed from different

angles and distances, just like physical objects.

hologram do not offer any physical resistance when

touched or pushed because they dont have any mass.

What is Microsoft Hololens


HoloLens is the first holographic

computer running Windows 10.
It is completely unattached no wires, phones, or
connection to a PC needed.
Microsoft HoloLens allows user to pin holograms
in his physical environment and provides a new
way to see his world
Microsoft Hololens support augmented reality.

What is Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality:- It tricks your eyes into thinking that

you are somewhere else.

Augmented Reality:- It is an extra dimension over VR
since it can show the real world around wearer with
graphic overlayed.
AR can also totally immerse user just like VR by
simply showing pixels everywhere with no
tranparency to the real world.
In virtual world,users are best advised to stay seated
to avoid collisons with physical which they cannot see
in the real world.

Internal Structure of Microsoft Hololens

Inside the Hololens


How it works? Design Perspective

1.Lenses and Display:- Microsoft hololens has two

display. they are transparent so that wearer can see

the real world behind virtual object.
To create project hololens image, light particles
bounce around millions of times in the so called light
engine of the device.
Then the photons enter the two lenses(one for each
eye), where they ricochet between layers of glasses
before finally hitting of wearer eye.

2.Sensor:- sensor track where the wearer is looking

and adjust the display.

Motion sensor detect wearers movement.
The sensor can also see wearers hands, the hands
are an input system: user can interact with
whatever he sees by just touching it.
Wearer also give gesture as input senser enables
the tracking of user movement.

3. computer:- Hololens is not just a visor connected

to a computer, it is a computer on its own.

Hololens contain CPU, battery,GPU and first of its
kind HPU (holographic proceesing unit).
18 sensors flood the brain of the device with
terabyte of data every seconds. the project hololens depth camera has a

field of vision that spans 120 by 120 degree, so it

can sense what your hands are doing even when
they are nearly outstreached.

5.Vent:- the device is more powerfull than a laptop

but wont overheat- warm air flows to the sides,

where it vents up and out.
6.Buttons:- on the right side buttons allow user to

adjust the volume and to control the contrast of the


Working of microsoft hololens?

Microsoft hololens has user interface so it takes

voice,gaze and gestures as input command.

Than internal computer works on input command.
Now projection of hologram, for projection hololens
use the HUE(head up display) method two
nanoprojector located at each side of head and semi
transparent visor which reflect the image as light on
users eye.

Advantage of microsoft hololens

Easy to wear and use.
Sensitive and responsive to the presence of pepole.
Hololens can be used in army battlefield,where

detailed instruction can be given to the untrained

person in the midest of combat.
A useful technology for a
A spectacle based computer to reside directly
on your eyes rather than your pocket.

Dis-advantage of microsoft hololens

Can be easily damaged or broken.user will have a

tough time taking care of it.

It may lead to accident while driving.
Privacy of people may break due to new glasses.

How is it different from Google glass?

Hololens completely different from google glass.

Google glass was design to perform the function of

smartphone. Like a phone it support apps,take
photos and video so basically its a expensive version
of handheld device.
Google glass support virtual reality where user
disconnect with real world but in hololens user,see
the real world in front of them.they can walk around
and talk to others without worrying about bumping
into walls.

Future scope of microsoft hololens

Visual diagrams would actually show up in space

around the user indicating exactly what you need to

do next.
This application could even extend to the battlefield,
where detailed medical instructions could be given to
untrained personnel in the midst of combat.
Pin holograms to physical objects so user can size
and scale them in each angle and with gestuer do all
new creation.

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