Alternate Energy – Meet the Future Today
What alternate energy sources are ready for you now and how do you take advantage of them? Shaun Laughlin

Solar is ready NOW but are you?
Q—How does an organization incorporate solar technologies into their facilities as part of an overall sustainable & operational strategy? A—Inspect what you Expect A2-Solar is Complex! (Remember Einstein!)


The 7 Questions to Ask FIRST
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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Is this an “investigation” or an “initiative” with executive support? Is there similar activity elsewhere in your organization that may conflict with your efforts or that should be coordinated? What level of commitment is present for the project? What level of solar education/knowledge is present in the organization? What level of resources are available for the project:
Fiscal Personnel/Bandwidth/Time Information for analysis including financial Political support


7 Questions cont…
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What organizational characteristics should be considered and planned for in your process?
Early adopters Slow decision making process Cautious “water testers” Well behind the curve Competitive environment

• • • • • •

What limits will come into play?
Space Roof Landlords/Zoning/Permitting/EPA/ESA Relocation Shading Programs and incentives that limit system size i.e.-CA 1Mw max

Siting 101 Considerations
 Roof condition & age  Land Availability (ground mounts rock!)  Ancillary gear  Landlord issues  Relocation  Size caps/system limits  Shading  Climate/weather/engineering requirements  Security  Zoning/EPA/ESA


Potential Project Areas
Hawaii Oregon California Colorado Maryland New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Massachusetts Canada Spain Watch List-OH,FL,TX, NC State Tax Incentives State Tax Incentives State PBIs 1Mw Limit REC Based Incentives REC Based Incentives REC Based 2Mw Limit CCEF Grants/Entity Cap REC Based Incentives State Based Rebate Feed In Tariff/Roof Rents Feed In Tariff/Roof Rents TBD


Financing Solar—PPA Benefits
No Capital Investment Predictable Energy Pricing Turnkey Solution Proven Technologies Renewable, Clean Alternative  Solar power plants at your facilities  Prices at or below current energy rates  Hedge against rate and budgeting volatility  Immediate ROI and savings


May have own need for ITCs Direct Solar Power Contract Structure Comparison May want ownership of Ownership

Long ROI (7 to 15 Years) Gov’t/Non-profits can’t use ITCs O & M costs/risks Non-performance risk You break it, you bought it! Relocation issues

Scott Reed Project Development SunEdison 949-289-0194

Environmental Attributes May need to use budget/increase hard assets May strengthen marketing impact

Capital Lease

Compatible with PBI rebates May not include O & M Can include O & M Non-performance risk Can be helpful in incentive areas May require encumbered assets where electricity sales are May require complex deal structure prohibited (LADWP) and/or billing Relocation issues Best cash flow & ROI Both sides’ incentives aligned ITC appetite not required Compatible with PBI rebates Minimal non-performance risk Long-term contract Relocation issues

Power Purchase Agreement


Public Relations
Press releases announcing project milestones


Public Relations
Grand opening “Flip the Switch” events and ground breakings


Collateral Support


Delivering On The Commitment to Solar

Seagull Lighting (2 facilities, 1MW)

Sicor Laboratories (404kW)

Cal Food Distributor (1.2MWs)

ICU Medical (475kW)

Staples Ontario, CA; Rialto, CA (560kW)

Sure Save Storage (886kW)


“Extraordinary Results Require Extraordinary Relationships”