Social Media: Authenticity-at-Source

An idea by

Ramla Akhtar

The Current Communication Model 

This is not how Social Media works

Communication via Social Media is....
Viral Exponential Resilient/ Sticky Anarchic Self-Organizing Mutating Evolutionary Uncontrollable

Re-Imagine: Communication!

The New Communication Model 

=> A Word* is like a Seed that sprouts into a Tree that yields many mutant Seeds that yield more Trees....
A word is no longer just a single word.
*word = idea, thought, speech, drawing, action...

The New Communication Model
not only applies to Social Media but to all media in a convergent, interconnected world


Case in Point: “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”
When a satire poster by a cartoonist…

…leads to a ban imposed on millions of people on accessing Facebook (+1000 websites)

(Note: THIS, of course, is NOT the poster that led to the “Everybody Draw…” fiasco. However the original is not used for the good of all. )

= 1000sx time impact, 1000s of miles away, on millions of people

NEEDED: Authenticity-at-Source
= Plant the Right Seed BECAUSE What You Reap, Is What You. Will. Sow.

Authenticity: How?
Know Your Content Address YOUR Expertise Kill Rumor/ Hearsay First-Hand Experience Value Addition Sincerity of Purpose and above all...

Deliberate Benevolent Intent =
“I am here to GIVE to the other” (Whereas Malevolent Intent =
“I am here to take from the other”)

Thank you.
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Ramla Akhtar

This presentation first created in April 2009. Presented at Pakistan’s first National Bloggers’ Conference in Karachi on April 18, 2009. This version updated in May 2010

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