From learning to collaborative e-learning.....

… experiences of being an e-teacher. Suryaveer Singh PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) Geography S.D.PUBLIC SCHOOL, BU BLOCK, PITAMPURA, DELHI , India- 110088

I am a Teacher
I am a counselor and psychologist to a problem-filled child, I am a police officer that controls a child gone wild, I am a travel agent, who takes a child to distant unseen places, I am a confidante that wipes a crying child’s tear, I am a banker, who collects thoughts of a child, I am a librarian showing adventures that a storybook brings, I am a custodian of child’s faith, I am a photographer seeing a child grow, When mother and father are gone for the day, I become both, I am a politician that must do tricks I am a news reporter updating on our nation’s current events, I am a detective solving small mysteries and ending all suspense, I am a clown and comedian that make the children laugh, I am a preacher when a child strays from values, I am proud to be these people because…. “I’m a teacher”

Taken from Stacy Bonino

…...with these thoughts in mind I joined the teaching profession
It was summer of 2001 when I joined the school as a Geography teacher. And it was 2003 when I first operated a computer in the computer lab and made a presentation. More and presentations followed; In between these presentations I used copy-right encyclopedias to show animations and searched the text.

…..soon I realized…
-That presentations are just like another blackboard; an electronic blackboard. -That students which were once fascinated by presentations are now getting bored. -Animations of CDs were not fulfilling my objectives of lesson. -The time has moved ahead: students wanted more concrete learning experiences. -That I’ve to find new methods of teaching-learning processes that are independent and self explanatory.

Days and days past by like that… but then!



It was March, 2007 when we came to know about the ‘eshikshaindia’ through the first workshop held in our school. I became an active member of this teacher’s portal. We were introduced a new set of online and offline tools through a series of workshops held in different school of Delhi. changed my perception of teaching
 

It has provided me a platform to explore and experiment. Tools which we learnt from eshiksha gave me ‘freedom’ to control the delivery of learning materials. My classroom became lively and students look forward of learning concepts and processes through these methods. With these tools classrooms have extended beyond the four walls and corners.

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Online ‘Wiki’ tool:
My class X students collaborate online. Students post their work (lesson summaries) online so that we and classmates can correct, improve, and discuss their work. They share their personal resources such as videos, presentations. It has inculcated thinking skills and group learning in the students. Encouraged students to take responsibility for their own learning Supported and encouraged collaborative learning which is otherwise difficult to achieve.

Acknowledgement from wikispaces…. has written a blog entry about my wiki in their official website

Online ‘Blog’ tool:
Blog is very special to me and my students. We explore the wonderful world together through it. Feelings of ‘awe’ and ‘excitement’ is always there in us. They get multiple information from me on a single web page. They don’t have to spend time searching and are now safe from the web based abuses. The best part is that my students find lesson notes and resources for board exam through it. Students are showing interest and find me online even at their home. I can pass on important instructions even when its off day for us.

Offline tool: ‘eXe web authoring’
Landforms and their evolution
It has Motivated students to achieve results through interactive courses. Provided frequent and timely individual feedback and assessment. It has supported & increased communications between me and students. Those without internet at home can now gets benefits of viewing lesson in multimedia form.

E-learning has benefited me…

In reducing the load; routine information are available online. This has released more time for me to do other classroom activities; In making communication easier with individual students and groups of students; In making it possible to use a wide range of resources that may otherwise are too expensive to use; In reducing assessment time through the use of eXe learning courses. By making me accessible to a large and diverse student population with little increase in teaching time; Students feel engaged and teaching has become more interactive.

Its an one time effort and can be used any time even in the next academic year with new sets of students.

My students got benefited….
-in improving results and responses. (Class result improved by 5.2%
otherwise it used to vary between +,- 2%)

-Opened involvement of high achievers as well as low achievers. -Interactivity between students has increases. -It brought an attitudinal change towards the subject. -Even the students with low reading skill show greater achievements in the tests. -Students show higher attendance and lower disciplinary problems. -High-quality narrations and concepts in both Hindi and English, suits our diverse students who come from different backgrounds. -Students have got the freedom of viewing it again and again according to their own pace of learning. -Each unit has a summary component that helps in recapitulating previous concepts before the new one is explained. -These resources are free therefore there is no additional cost on our part.

An examples of mind map created by using ‘Free Mind’ software.

These are created by my students using Free Mind freeware software

An example of web cam slide
It looked wonderful when my students first saw it on wide projector screen at Our multimedia room.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rio, Brazil

Times Square, New York

Jerusalem, Israel

Koh Samui, Thailand

Tenby, Wales

Students at work…

Students watching eXe course material In my geography room.

Students collaborating in wiki in my lab.

Sharing my e-learning experiences with teachers and principals of other schools in Delhi region and colleagues.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan School teachers of Delhi region

My presentation at Principal’s Meet held in Delhi on 18th October, 2007

Some reflections from other teachers about my work

These are online clips of other school teachers in India posted in portal for teachers regarding my ICT integration in education

…some more

Feedbacks “Talk to a student, any student, who are associated with him and they’ll have a story to tell, whether it’s a quick tale about a single tool or a sprawling epic about the rewards of being an e-learners. You can be sure of one thing: it won’t bore you”. – a colleague A few students of class X came to me and asked “how come I’m able to create and modify so much on daily basis even when I’m not a computer software engineer.” I only reply that “We only sharing and re-learning”. Learn more about my school

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