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Prepared for LIT 101

by Prof. Ricci F. Barrios

You are being asked to tell the story before you

have read it!

By answering these questions, and working in

groups, you will be able to make a story.

Your story will be different from the story by

Maria Aleah Taboclaon, but this will be a very
interesting approach to the story.

Answer these questions (in the order

presented) and use your answers to make a
story called The Tale of Tonyo the Brave.


Why was 12-year-old Tonyo called the

Brave? What did he do to earn this
nickname? Did he do it just for fun or
was it something more serious or

2. Was his bravery related to ordinary life,

or to the supernatural?
3. What did Tonyos grandather, Apo, tell
him about supernatural creatures?

4. Who killed the farmer Budok, and why

did the murderer pull out Budoks internal
5. Why did Apo look for his bronze
dagger? What will he use it for?
6. Apo said he found strands of a womans
hair and a broken nail pieces where
Budoks body was found. What could
these clues mean?

7. What kind of woman could kill

someone with her bare hands and rip
out her victims internal organs?
8. How can this woman, if indeed she
murdered the young and strong Budok,
lure him to come closer to her?

9. Apo said that the womana manlalayug

will fool your mind. Men who did not
come under her spell still died because
they just stabbed the woman they were
facing, not knowing that it was just her
image. If the men were facing just her
image, where was the real manlalayug

10. Tonyos mother would not allow her

husband to hunt down the manlalayug.
Tonyo, their youngest son, was also afraid
of the manlalayug, but he decided to hunt
and kill her. What made Tonyo change his
mind even if he was afraid?

11. Tonyo was afraid before he hunted

down the manlalayug. He was afraid
during his encounter with the
manlalayug. Even if he managed to kill
her, he was afraid. So do you think he
can still be called Tonyo the Brave?
12. How would you define bravery?