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In the words of Denis Avronsart, M.D. kellogg India” our only rivals are traditional Indian foods like idlis and vadas. Its entrance & failure …. A multi national company. Investment in India. High profile launch backed by hectic media activity. Improper distribution channel. Lack of regular buyers. The mistakes Kelloggs banked heavily on the quality. Indian fooding habits. Breakfast eating habbits.


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Selection of wrong platform(grain based food). “Health product” image. Premium pricing. Focus on premium and middle level retail stores. Setting things right Launch of highly successful brands- Chocos and Frosties Indianising its flavors. Bringing down the price. Retail packs of various size. Non impressive advertising. emphasis on Iron fortification. Target on schools Penetration into the market. Nutritious diet. launch of chocos biscuit. Maintained the image of premium brand.

Quality  Eating habits  Positioning  Low demand due to premium pricing  Launched the products without doing research.

Recommendations & Solutions
Be the best in at least one thing.  Don’t mix your message.  If a product is good, it will succeed. This is blatantly untrue.  Replace packaging by pouches.  Raise awareness about nutritions
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Brand culture failures: Kellogg’s in India
Not taking any market research before interring in the Indian market.  Poor advertising.  Popular brand myths.  Underestimate local competitors.  products are bought, not sold.
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Poor entry strategy
India is a different market from other.  Some other company also do the same thinks in India:-Coca-Cola, Whirlpool, MTV, Domino’s

Pizza, Citibank , Mercedes-Benz.

blinded by figures.  Western product attempting to appeal to Indian test.
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An right decision Mass market product Competitors Nutritious food



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