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Niaz Ali


What is brand personality model

The brand dimension is a framework to describe the profile &

traits of a brand in five core dimension each divided into a set of
facts. It is an easy to understand model to describe the profile of
a brand using an analogy with the human being.



2: Below Average

3: Average
4: Above Average



Apple iPhone is basically not a down to earth because of its target market of
upper class. They are honest because they are giving the customer what they claim for an
iPhone (warranty card and its claim). They are full filing the wholesome of a mobile user
expectation whose basic necessity is to make call & all the other thing that another mobile
company provide to their customer. It is not a cheerful


In some extent the iPhone is trendy & exciting for their customer it is providing new design and

technology. The iPhone in the spirited element is very poor because it is not adventurous & outgoing. They
give unique design & also the element of the fun & humorous in their advertisement by showing family
having fun with an iPhone doing lots of thing. The element of the innovation is in the stream of the iphone
they are the world leaders by providing new era of touch mobile and a high quality touch screen mobile.


It is reliable because it is giving the warranty for the mobile and it efficient because of its

premium quality in the making of the mobile using aluminum 700. It is smart because of its software
which is also very secure and smart people are loyal mostly because of its smart software I.O.S. It is the
market leader in mobile industry. (This statistic shows Apple iPhone sales worldwide from the third
quarter of 2007 to the company's most recent financial quarter. In the second quarter of 2011, 18.65
million iPhones were sold worldwide. In the 2011 fiscal year, Apple sold 72 million iPhones.)


Its market is upper class because the upper class people choose iPhone because of their

perception about the brand and also its resale value is very good in the market and its market image in the
perception of the customer. Its design is very gentle and smooth among all its competitors.


It is not muscular and athletic because it give a charming look of a gentle mobile

phone not an athletic look. It is strong in the mobile sector because of they are using the best
aluminum 700 for the iPhone 6s which is best in the mobile sector.