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ICAC Task Force
SECURE Strike Force

Partner Agencies
Utah Attorney Generals Office partners with:

Adult Probation and Parole

Bountiful Police Department
Clearfield Police Department
Davis County Attorney Investigations
Davis County Sheriffs Office
Department of Public Safety
Enforcement and Removal Operations
Homeland Security Investigations

Partner Agencies
Utah Attorney Generals Office partners

Layton Police Department

Ogden Police Department
Park City Police Department
Park City Police Department
Pleasant Grove Police Department
Sevier County Sheriffs Office
South Salt Lake City Police Department
Summit County Sheriffs Office

Partner Agencies
Utah Attorney Generals Office partners with:

Syracuse Police Department

Uintah County Sheriffs Office
Unified Police Department
United States Marshals Office
Utah County Sheriffs Office
Vernal Police Department
West Valley City Police Department
Woods Cross Police Department

ICAC Task Force

(Internet Crimes Against Children)
is a multi-jurisdictional task force that
investigates and prosecutes
individuals who use the internet to
exploit children.

SECURE Strike Force

Investigates and prosecutes major fraud,
organized gun, drug and human trafficking,
and the creation of fraudulent government
identification and other documents.

UTIP Task Force

is a multidisciplinary human trafficking task force that
implements victim-centered, trauma-informed,
collaborative, and sustainable approaches to identify
victims, investigate and prosecute cases, and address
individualized needs of victims through comprehensive
quality services for victims of all types of trafficking in the
state of Utah.

UTIP Grant from DOJ

The Utah Attorney Generals Office and the Asian Association of Utah
jointly received an anti-human trafficking grant from the Department of
Justice (DOJ) in late 2015, allowing for the development, support, and
enhancement of the Utah Trafficking in Persons (UTIP) Task Force. In its
ongoing effort to protect and serve the citizens of Utah, the Attorney
Generals Office is honored to convene this statewide task force to address
human trafficking in our communities.

The UTIP Task Force is comprised of multiple law enforcement agencies,

victim service providers, government organizations, and a dedicated team of
experts from various sectors and geographic areas and collaborates to
identify several human trafficking cases across the state. Early results of this
collaboration have confirmed the need for and benefit of additional resources
provided by DOJ, allowing a dedicated prosecutor and investigators the
capacity to effectively combat labor and sex trafficking in Utah, as well as to
provide comprehensive victim services for survivors of human trafficking .


Over the last several months, multiple suspects have been

arrested during multiple human trafficking and child sexual
exploitation investigations

The human trafficking arrests are related to cases where

victims of human trafficking were trafficked inside Utah. Some
cases involved minors and some crossed state lines.

Several of the Utah child sexual exploitation arrests are related

to a nationwide operation known as Operation Broken Heart III,
which involved the 61 ICAC Task Forces across the nation.






Human Trafficking of a Child (1st Degree Felony)

Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child (1st Degree Felony)

Aggravated Sodomy of a Child (1st Degree Felony)

Conspiracy to Commit Rape of a Child (1st Degree Felony)

Conspiracy to Commit Sodomy of a Child (1st Degree Felony)

Manufacturing Child Pornography (1st Degree Felony)

Human Trafficking (2nd Degree Felony)


Enticing a Minor over the Internet (2nd Degree Felony)

Aggravated Exploitation of Prostitution (2nd Degree Felony)

Sex Abuse (2nd Degree Felony)

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (2nd Degree Felony)

Pattern of Unlawful Activity (2nd Degree Felony)

Dealing in Harmful Material to a Child (3rd Degree Felony)

Conspiracy to Commit Sexual Abuse of a Child (3rd Degree



Obstruction of Justice (3rd Degree Felony)

Tampering with Evidence (3rd Degree Felony)

Exploiting a Prostitute (3rd Degree Felony)

Multiple other A and B Misdemeanors

Most cases had multiple

counts of the same charge

Operation Broken Heart III

Operation Broken Heart III: Vital Stats
Utah Attorney Generals ICAC Task Force
participated in April and May 2016
61 ICAC Task Forces nationwide
1,368 arrests were made nationwide; 71 of
those arrests came from Utah
2300 community presentations were made
nationwide; 194 were given in Utah

Utah ICAC Arrests

Utah arrests included the
Manufacture of child pornography of victims as young as 5 years

Adults soliciting other adults to engage in sexual contact with

children under their care/custody.

Hands-on offenders.

Some offenders contacted children online solely for sexual activity.

Possession of child pornography upon arrest.

One offender talked about fantasies of killing people when he

got angry.

At least six children between the 5-12 years old rescued during

SECURE Strike Force: Actions

11 separate human trafficking investigations
Including two rural Utah labor trafficking cases and
nine sex trafficking cases involving both minor
children and adults.
Two suspects have been criminally charged, one
suspect is pending charges, and other cases
remain ongoing investigations.
At least 10 victims have been identified; two
victims are minor children.
All victims are currently being assisted by our
Victim Advocate.

Case Briefs (SECURE)

A citizen notified Unified Police Department of concerns they
had of potential human trafficking going on at a local hotel.
Surveillance and investigation by UPD and the Utah AGs Office
SECURE Strike Force resulted in a search warrant for two hotel
Two female victims of sexual exploitation identified.
A female juvenile was also being actively recruited by the trafficker.
The trafficker arrested:
one 1st Degree Felony Human Trafficking of a Child,
four 3rd Degree Felony counts of Exploiting a Prostitute, and
one 2nd Degree Felony Pattern of Unlawful Activity.

Case Briefs (SECURE)

Utah AGs Office received a complaint about a male subject
trafficking women in multiple states.
AGO found that Bountiful PD was actively working the
investigation and joined forces with them.
Utah AGs Office SECURE Strike Force and Bountiful PD put
together a two-month joint investigation
Trafficker was trafficking at least two females in multiple states,
including Utah.
Two 2nd Degree Felony counts of Human Trafficking,
Two 2nd Degree Felony counts of Aggravated Exploitation of
One 2nd Degree Felony count of Pattern of Unlawful Activity,
Two 3rd Degree Felony Counts of Obstruction of Justice and
Tampering with a Witness respectively

Case Briefs (SECURE)

Utah AGs Office Tip Line received complaint regarding
the trafficking of women through multiple states,
including at least one juvenile still attending high
The Utah AGs Office SECURE Strike Force conducted a
several-month investigation.
Multiple human trafficking related charges are currently
The SECURE Strike Force is continuing its investigations
into other human trafficking investigations and receives
information on numerous cases, both sex and labor
trafficking, on a weekly basis.

Tip Lines
ICAC Tip Line: 801.281.1211
ICAC Email:
SECURE Tip Line:801-200-3443
UTIP Tip Line: 801-200-3443
Human Trafficking National Hotline:1-888373-7888