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Writing a Thesis


It is the sentence that

captures the main idea
of your thesis output.

Thesis Statement

focuses your ideas into
one or two sentences.

How long does it need to


1. It tells your reader what

the paper is about
2. It also guides
writing and keep
argument focused



1. The thesis statement should be as clear and

specific as possible.
2. The thesis should be limited to what can be
accomplished in the specified number of pages.
3. The thesis statement should do more than
merely announce the topic; it must reveal what
position you will take in relation to that topic.


1. Ananalyticalpaper breaks down an issue or

an idea into its component parts, evaluates the
issue or idea, and presents this breakdown and
evaluation to the audience.

Example: McDonalds advertising campaign

for children reveals serious issues regarding

the misrepresentation of the nutritional
content of McDonalds Happy Meals.

Types of Essay

2. Anexpository(explanatory) paper
explains something to the audience.

Example: The typical college student of the

twenty-first century utilizes technology in a
variety of ways, to complete academic
assignments, to interact socially with peers
and family, and to access information.

Types of Essay

3. Anargumentativepaper makes a claim

about a topic and justifies this claim with
specific evidence. Theclaimcould be an
opinion, a policy proposal, an evaluation, a

Example: Grace Poe is a natural-born Filipino

citizen and should be allowed to run for

Types of Essay

4. Narrative Essay- narrates stories or

ideas to the readers. It tells a story and
is a common genre for the personal

Types of Essay

Writing a thesis statement of a narrative essay

reveals the authors ability to share something
important with the reader without mentioning
excessive unnecessary details focusing only on the
main message of the narrative essay.

Narrative Thesis

A good thesis statement of a narrative

essay should focus on the lesson that the
author has learned from some kind of
experiences that influenced him in the

Narrative Thesis

The thesis statement of a narrative

essay shows the real reason the author is
sharing his story with the reader.

Narrative Thesis

The thesis statement

be written before the
essay itself to make
author does not move
topic of the essay.

Narrative Thesis

needs to
sure the
aside the

As a narrative essay is a
personal essay correspondingly
its thesis statement is always the
reflection of the personal
experience of the author.

Narrative Thesis

One life-one opportunity.

Thesis statement:I have only one life and I will use every opportunity to
be successful.
My autobiography. My life.
Thesis statement:I am thankful for everything that has happened to me
in my life.
One love.
Thesis statement:Love has changed my whole life and made a better
person out of me.
My family is my strength.
Thesis statement:My family gives me the inspiration throughout my
Death and Life.
Thesis statement:Death is an inevitable part of life.

1. Make a point. Although narrative essays tell stories, the story

you write should have a clear point. Ask yourself what your
essay is about.
2. Draft an outline for your narrative essay, putting your thesis
statement right on top. Develop the main points you will be
discussing in your essay and make sure they relate to your

3. Be sure that your thesis is not just a simple statement of fact or a

description of a topic.


Exercise: Write a thesis

statement for the
following general topic

1. Failure and Success

2. Heart break and happy endings
3. Forever does exist
4. My mother
5. Daddys Girl
6. Education is important
7. Love
8. Peace and Communication
9. My Best friend
10. Paradise on Earth
11. Desires and Aspirations
12. My Idol
13. Life-long Goal
14. My Health
15. My real beauty