Stock master

Group members:
• • • • Aishwarya P.P (Roll no:2) Archana Raveendranath (Roll no:10) Iswarya S (Roll no:19) Naveen Krishnan (Roll no:28)

• A stock market is a private or public market. • Stock is a legal document. • Stock will entitle you as the co-owner of the company. • Stock transactions are done through brokers

• Easy and efficient platform for stock brokers and sub-brokers. • Facilitate easy registration of new clients.

Compile information from all major exchanges.

Provide broker with statistical data about the clients

Also about the client’s activities

• Do transactions and issue notices. • Archive the market values and indicate ‘boom’ and ‘depression’ phases.

Tools required
Front end:

Back end:

Module I Collecting stock rates:
• Stock market values fluctuate. • Need exchange rates quickly. • Integrating the values from major stock exchanges like NSE, BSE,NMCE, MCX etc.

Module II Processing stock rates:
• Current position of different companies. • Is the market in a boom or depression. • Thinly traded or volume traded. • Value of stock rising, plummeting or is it stagnant. • Seasoned variation in the value of stock.

Module III Share transactions:
Buying and selling decisions are made by the client.

Why Demats?
• • • • • Physical shares are slow to process No stamp duty incurred. Reduced processing charge. Status report is provided to the client. Minimum balance is not required.

Module III Share transactions (cont.)
• Check the client’s account to make the transaction. • Perform actual transactions. • Calculate brokerage charge • Make modifications to account • Archive transaction details • Record and forward the dividends

Module IV Market predictions:
• Market in a boom or depression ? • Graphical representation of a company’s stock. • Seasonal variations of the stock. • Companies that give good dividend. • Those which consistently give out its dividends.

Module V Client interaction:
• Obtained broker charges. • The financial status of clients. • Recent activity and mindset of clients (bulls or bears)

• • • • • Use of DEMAT shares. Automated new client registration. dividend, broker charges etc are archived. Major exchanges are used. Stock fluctuations and market cycles are efficiently represented

Our system vs. existing system:
• Many of do not use DEMAT shares. • Better Client interaction • Improved market prediction. • Most of major stock exchanges used.

Future scope:
• Less famous markets can also be used. • Global exchange rates can also be used. • Better Predictions as it gets old

References used
1. The stock market course - George A. Fontanills and Tom Gentile.
K.S Devi Steven E Bolten

2. Money through share 3. Stock market cycles -

4. Be smart, act fast, get rich - Charles V. Payne 5. 6.

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