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Village Budeşti

Short history of the village

 Budeşti is situated in the central part of Moldova at

the 12 km from the capital - Chişinău.
 According to the 2010 year estimation in the
village are 5038 inhabitants
 The number of people is continuously
growing with 2%, due to establishment of the
new formed families and because of the
people who prefere to buy land to build their
houses near to Chişinău, far away from city
During the 2009 year in village Budesti were registered:
 - 499 - pensioners,

 - 168 - I, II, III degree disabled people

 - 103 children, those parents are abroad:

 - 84- children with one parent abroad

 - 19 – children with both parents abroad

Health situation:
 25 people sick of tuberculosis (including 13
 44 people with cancer (including 4 with
advanced level)
 250 people sick with hepatitis

 17 alcohol dependent people

Youth in Budeşti
 Number of Youths – 800 (18-25 years)
 During the last years the number of the
pupils who graduated local institution grew.
In 2008 – 71 persons
2009 – 96 persons
2010 – 102 persons
Number of youths with the
average age 18-25 years old
Year 2010. Total number - 800






20 Age

25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18
Youth general activities
Ocupation Number of the youths

Study 80

Work 185

Abroad to work 105

Without occupation 430

Economical situation in the
1124 lei (66 €) - minimum
consumption basket
 457.7 lei (27 € )– minim pension

From 600 lei (35 € ) to 1600

lei(94 €) - average salary
These factors usually
lead to ……
Struggling with poverty
Children Exploitation
Hard summer work
Wanting to eat and not to beg
……..trying to survive
Domestic Violence
Parents go abroad with the hope
to offer a new life….. As a result
new problems appear
Early Smoking - a real copy of
an adult
Aparantly easy way to forget
all the existent problems
One way road - dependence
Despite daily problems….
 Many of them are involved in voluntary activities
organized by the local public administration and other
community institutions.
The main institutions which work
with teenagers and children
 Local Public Administration
Theoretical Liceum Budeşti
 Kindergarden

 Youth and children centre Udo Jurgens

 Health Centre

 Budeşti Youth Parlament NGO

 NGO parental organisation Future Budesti

Teenagers and children
involved in the activities
Realized projects
“Friendship summer 2009”- Project
involved 100 children from social
vulnerable families including
children who actively participated
in the activities and social life of
the community. The goal of the
project was to integrate children in
the activities during their vacation
in order to diminish he risk to be
the pray of the bad and dangerous
Human trafficking Prevention Project-
children get acquainted with the risks…
 Financially supported by the
international NGO „Salvaţi Copiii”
(Save the children) Moldova and
implemented in the community by
the CYC Udo Jurgens in
collaboration with LPA, direct
beneficiaries of the project being
150 children with the average age
12 -16 years.
Prevention of B and C Hepatitis
 Implemented in 10
communities from
Moldova with the aim
to inform about risks
of being infected with
these viruses.
Opening and closing of the
sportive season
 The main goal of such
activity being promoting
the healthy mode of
living – year sportive
cultural manifestation
organized by the NGO
The Parliament of Youth
from Budesti, financially
supported by the LPA
Opening of the informational
centre and endowment of the
public library with new books
 Project was
implemented with the
help of Rotary Exmouth
Club The UK and
Rotary Club Chişinău
Primary school reparation
 Project was implemented
with the help of Kaufungen
mayoralty, German embassy
in Moldova, Budeşti
mayoralty, Chişinău district
mayoralty, school children
parents NGO “Future of
Budesti”. The goal of the
project was to improve the
teaching conditions and to
enhance the higher level of
education.Total amount
800.000 lei
Opening of two additional groups for children at
the kindergarten „Viorel şi Viorica”.

 Project was realized with

the support of LPA from
Budesti and Social
Investment Fund from
Moldova, Ministry of
Education, Chisinau
district mayoralty.Total
investment amount equal
to 600.000 lei
Safety movement of the
 Were repaired 2,4 km
of sidewalk to assure
the safety movement of
the population
The Deepening of the local
river “Frumusica”
 The main goal was to
diminish the risk of flooding
the nearby regions and to
eliminate the thrown litter on
the banks of the river
Frumuşica, improving in this
way epidemiological
situation in the region.
Project was supported by
the National Ecological
Fund with the help of local
Budesti Mayoralty. Total
amount 800.000 lei
 We are part of the Europe and we open
to new collaborations.
 We struggle every day try to solve
burdens but having devoted friends we
become more trusted in own
There are painters who transform the sun
to a yellow spot, but there are others who
with the help of their art and their
intelligence, transform a yellow spot into
the sun.

Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)