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Patient Safety & Quality Care



Define Patient Safety and Quality Care

Discuss the patient safety movement
Define types of errors
Introduce the Institute of Medicine
Explain the significance to the nursing field

Patient Safety & Quality Care

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines patient

safety as the prevention of harm to patients.

The IOM identified the components of quality care:

Safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, and

equitable. [1]

Institute of Medicine

The IOMs Health Care Quality Initiative

First phase: directed attention to the overall quality problem

Outlined the gap between good quality care and what actually

Second phase: described the vision of the required system and

policy transformation to close the gap
Third phase: continuous process

Focuses on the efforts required to achieve this vision [2]

Types of Safety Errors

Patient safety problems are classified in terms of type,

communication, patient management, and clinical

Types of errors are then classified by where they
occurred across the spectrum of health care providers
and settings: [1]

Latent Failure
Active Failure
Organizational System Failure
Technical Failure

Significance to Nursing Profession

Reduce the occurrence of safety errors

Accountability of health care team
Further research
Enhanced patient care

Significance to Nursing Student

Develop critical thinking skills

Create a foundation of knowledge
Enhance patient care
Opportunities for growth

The future of nursing: leading change, advancing

health (2010) report.

Patient safety is an interdisciplinary team effort
Impacts the current health care team members as
well as future members



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