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How to Create a

Personal Mission

Gives meaning and
significance to our actions
and our life
 At the end of our lives we will
be able to say, “I did what I was
created to do. I contributed to
this world in a significant

spouse.2. Clarity for Your Role in Life Circumstances Provides a singular focus to all of our different roles (parent. etc. friend. employee.) Eliminates confusion and emotional conflicts .

A Measuring Stick for Life Decisions The best tool to measure any large life choices Ask “Does it support your mission?” .3.

4. . A Magnet for Staying on Track in Life Keeps our mission in the front of our minds Helps to eliminate unproductive activities Puts first things first.

Ability To Communicate Clearly What You Bring To Personal and Professional Have a single sentence that states what you are here to do (taken from your mission Opportunities statement) Have it memorized This allows you clearly tell others what you can do for them .5.

Motivation to Do Your Best Keeps one centered on their purpose Keeps circumstances from distracting us .6.

Maximize your talents Calls us to use all of our skills and talents Requires that we use them for the benefit of others Talents grow with us .7.

Strength to Stand Tall in the Fluctuating Winds of ItChange provides a rock of stability Provides a forward direction that brings peace and integrity to changing times .8.

Creates Action Rather than Reaction Keeps us from letting others take the steering wheel of our lives Helps us respond with intention Helps us choose the best course of action .9.

the more those around you will respect and support your actions .10. Attracts People and Opportunities That Support Your Life The more you live your mission.

Activity: Read Terry Fox story .Personal Mission Statement Reflects your Key: Values Principles Sense of purpose and meaning for your life. Your Personal Mission Statement in a sense becomes your “personal constitution” that gives you meaning and direction to life.

1.Steps for Writing Personal Mission Statement Reflect on the key values and principles you want to use as a guide for your life. Values may vary among us. . but correct principles are shared by all people of good will.

. Ponder questions like: What do you want your life to be about in order to give it purpose and meaning? Think about how much better this world would be if each person were dedicated to lifting the lives of everyone we touch.Steps for Writing Personal Mission Statement 2.

Read biographies of people you admire. religious leaders. parents.Steps for Writing Personal Mission Statement 3. Take personality/aptitude/vocational tests. talents. . teachers. “Brainstorm” with yourself. counselors and friends about your strengths. deep-felt values and principles which are most important to you. relatives.

Steps for Writing Personal Mission Statement 4. your Personal Mission Statement can be amended over time if so inspired. purposes and principles which will guide you through the thousands of decisions you will make in your lifetime. View your personal Mission Statement as your “Personal Constitution” Like the Constitution of a country. . It will always reflect your fundamental values.

no more than a page or a few paragraphs. Find a quiet place. It should inspire you and cause you to stretch but not break.Steps for Writing Personal Mission Statement 5. . inside or outside where you can spend some quality uninterrupted time pondering and reflecting in order to write your Personal Mission Statement. It need not be too long .

.Steps for Writing Personal Mission Statement 6. it helps you to stretch to become better and is a guide as you make it difficult decision. Ask. You will enjoy the “power of purpose” as a result of getting a vision of what you want your life to be. “Does this statement inspire me?” While it does not totally reflect where you are today. Write in the “present tense” as if you are doing it.

from which I seek solutions to life’s many demands. while living a rich and abundant life of integrity. which is my definition of success. .An Example of a Mission Statement The purpose of my life is bringing happiness and growth to our family and all within my influence. Living correct principles is the center of my life.

and seeking the truth.An Example of a Mission Statement … continued I value a career in higher education. . I will serve diligently in my church-keeping focused on the needs of people. Community service when appropriate is also valued. Earning sufficient income to provide a healthy lifestyle for my family and a secure retirement are important as I strive to be wise in managing my money. being a good father and husband. raising a strong family.

leisure. intellectual.An Example of a Mission Statement … continued With love of others and self as my core motivating principle. private space. I want to balance my life consistently with the following 30 human needs: Physical. perspective. creative. understanding/communication. cultural/aesthetic. achievemental. agency/self determination. social. spiritual/philosophical. humor. sexual/intimacy. enthusiasm/motivation . time management. perseverance. emotional.