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This argument is also termed as The

Teoleogical Argument.
Thomas Aquinas argues that the intricate
complexity and order in the universe can
only be explained through the existence of
a Great Designer.

It is an a posteriori argument.
The skeleton of an argument is as follows:
a. Human artifacts are products of intelligent
design; they have a purpose.
b. The universe resembles these human
c. Therefore: It is probable that the universe is
a product of intelligent design and has a
d. However, the universe is vastly more
complex and gigantic than a human artifact is.
e. Therefore: There is probably a powerful and
vastly intelligent designer who created the


There is order in the universe and that

order is beneficial (i.e. the rotation of the
planets around the sun, ordered by gravity
and the movement of blood around the
human body, pumped by the heart as
examples of order in the world)

The fact that the order of the world brings about good things,
Aquinas goes on to say, is further evidence for the existence of
a designer God.
Aquinas argument from design uses evidence of order in the
Natural World and its beneficial nature to point to the existence
of God. For Aquinas, beings and elements in the universe can
not give themselves the order to bring about good things and so
there must be a designer God.