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B Y: K E L LYA N N , C A I T L I N A N D S T E P H A N I E

Has always been the idea
Motivated to start Internet,
and kept pushing for it
wherever he worked.
Worked at P&C and Pizza
Hut (he describes this as
his favorite job title)
Worked at:
Quantum Computer Service

What are the 3Ps?
Perseverance: Success does not come at the first try.
Businesses often fail before they succeed, and the only
way for a start-up or an innovation to succeed is to
persevere and try again.
Policies are rules and regulations within an organization.
Policy is important, because you need to understand the
evolving laws and regulations that make up the
landscape you are working in.
Partnerships are the working relationships and the ability
to collaborate and partnerships is one of the most vital
pillars of success. According to Case, businesses often fail
as a result of people and failed relationships.

What is it?
The internet of everything is apart of the 3rd
Wave in which the Internet will completely
immersed in our lives. Those within the premises of
the 3rd wave will value and require partnerships, as
a way of being trusted and believed in, policies and

How should we prepare for it?
Companies should prepare for the Internet of Everything
by seizing more opportunities and they will have to get past
the industry gatekeepers. Those who do not, such as
agriculture, mining, and forestry, are at risk of becoming

How is this relevant to us?

It relates to us because it will affect our education, health,
the way we manage finances, transportation, and our food.

What is it?
The public sector is defined as the part of the economy that is concerned with
providing various governmental services. Essentially, it is made up of different
sections, which all benefit the public. It is typical made up of organizations that
are owned, run or funded by the government. Some example include: healthcare,
transportation, education, food and agriculture. Public sectors are extremely
important to us because it impacts and affects everyone on a daily bias.

What business opportunities does it present?

The opportunity for business and innovation in the public sector is important to
us as people who are about to enter rapidly evolving business landscape because
we will need to be aware of the needs of everyone in order to create and
innovate. According to Case, the following represent the business opportunities
relevant to the public sector: education (updating the system with tablets,
automatic updates), food (the way we grow, raise, harvest and transport)

How do the 3Ps relate to it?
All 3 Ps relate to public sectors:
Policies apply, as the government and their policies are very influential in public sectors.
Perseverance: people involved in public sectors have to persevere and try again,
because they have a larger quota to fill and more of an audience to help. They also
have to work hard to push for peoples ideas and needs.
Partnerships: Public sectors are often funded, owned or invested in by investors or the

Healthcare is a perfect example of a public sector, as it is a category that all
require and need.
3P Relation:
Perseverance: Healthcare continues to work daily on helping its consumers and
patients. They also establish a policy of perseverance within the systemencouraging
their patients to persevere and fight.
Policies: Healthcare always has the policy patient first. This policy reflects the core of
Healthcare being a public sector.
Partnerships: HealthCare has a tight partnerships with the government and other
investors because these systems are either owned or funded by the government.