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A very good morning to the chairperson,
honorable judges, beloved teachers, fellow
friends and the distinguished guests. Today,
I’m going to tell you a story entitled The
Stubborn Frog . So sit back and enjoy the
One day, the pond had a new guest. It was
a frog, and it sat on a leaf floating on the
pond. All the inhabitants of the pond were
curious about the newcomer, but he did not
make a move to even say hello.
“Perhaps he is shy,” said Timmy, the
“Hmmm…If that is so , perhaps we should
make him fell welcome,” said Lucy, an
angelfish. So, all the pond folks asked Goldy,
the goldfish to welcome him.
Goldy swam to the surface and said to the
frog “Hello, it’s a very big pleasure to meet
you. May I know your name, please?”

Instead . He did not even blink. If the frog is going to stay here. “What a rude frog.He did not even croak. Welcome to the pond. but the frog did’nt care what he said.the guppy. He is such a very rude frog. What is your name?. . It’s very rude of you not to return my greeting. “No! He did not even return my greetings.” asked Timmy .” replied Goldy. he must get to know it’s neighbors!. “Well . “Hello? I’m talking to you. annoyed and tapped the edge of the leaf so that he would respond . right?.” said Tiny . Timmy huffed.” thought Goldy.well…We cannot let this go on. She swam back to her village and met her friends “I’m sure that you got his name. Timmy swam to the surface and said: “Hello.” The frog ignored him.” said Timmy. but he did not acknowledge the action. his yellow eyes looked somewhere above Timmy ‘s head.The frog ignored Goldy .

But he is too stubborn or proud to ask.” Timmy dived into the pond to find that frog. Maybe we should’nt help him. “Yes. “Can we get him to the surface. so that he would resurface but he kept sinking.” said Lucy . He found that frog sitting in the bottom of the pond. surrounded by the other folks.” said Tiny.” said Timmy anxiously. “He does’nt seem to be hurt. “Well.” asked Lucy.” said Timmy in a relief. Goldy convinced all the other folks and together. the pushed the frog to the surface.Perplexed. Goldy was nudging him. but he stayed still. we should. this is irritating.” Goldy offered. he could die. he tapped the leaf harder. “What is wrong with him. I think we should get him a leaf. “But if we don’t help him. harder and harder until suddenly the frog toppled into the pond “Oh no! Did I hurt the frog.

VHIMMALESH A\L MAGANDARAN SK TAMAN KLANG JAYA .He does’nt move or talk” The next day.”Of course not. they got the frog on the raft and said “Hmmm…Very strange. don’t we? So my friends. “I placed the toy frog on the plastic leaf .” said Grace. “Maybe the fish in the pond did it. All the fishes collected sticks and twigs.” said Mark.Who made the raft? ”asked Grace. we should help anyone even though they are being stubborn or proud about it.“But the leaf sank too. Tiny had an idea. little Mark heard her sister screaming. But we know better. With some effort of Goldy. Grace gave a funny look at her brother.” said Tiny Suddenly.