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MOD001093 / GM1 / 2015/6

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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15 May 2016

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influences. experience outcomes etc) Group members Rajakumaran Davidson Mobin kv Rajesh ghandi Victor charles . behaviour. attitudes.ENTREPRENEUR & INNOVATION PRESENTATION DEPARTMENT:LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT MODULE CODE: MOD001093 Assessment of actual entrepreneurs(in terms of entrepreneurs. traits.


INTRODUCTION In introduction we are going to discuss about the some of the entrepreneur Narayana Murthy is a founder of Infosys technologies limited and he consulting IT service company based in India Sunil Mittal is a founder of Bharathi Airtel in which they provide telecommunication in India .

bank &financial service and IT company based in India Mukesh Ambani is a Co-owner of Reliance group of companies .M A Yousuf ali is a MD of lulu group of companies Anand Mahindra is a founder of Mahindra group based on automobile companies.

attitude and experiences . behaviour .OBJECTIVE A study on various entrepreneur and discuss about how they differ each other To analysis each of their entrepreneurial traits. attribute .

with a investment of the Rs10000 he founded Infosys Sunil Mittal started his early life by selling bicycle and grown up to be a CEO MA Yousuf Ali After his schooling he left India in 1973 to Abu Dhabi and started working on his uncle’s company and later in 1990s he started his own supermarket business by launching  LULU HYPERMARKET .EARLY LIFE of entrepreneurs Narayana Murthy graduated electrical engineering from university of Mysore (1967) and he received master degree from IIT Kanpur (1969)IN 1981.

He was the grand son of who was founder of Mahindra group Mukesh Ambani graduated chemical engineering from the institute chemical technology and he study his master degree from Stanford university but discontinued the program to help his father build Reliance .Anand Mahindra graduate master degree in havard business college in 1981.


BUILDERS DESCRIPTION  creator of the business  focus only on growth  Sacrifices the time and money .

Opportunist Loves marketing and selling Waiting for right time Create residual and income Measure success by amount of money .

Specialist Analytical Risk taker Start new business with referal and net working .

innovator Like to be in lab instead of managing business Inventing new product .design and styles Only come with new idea in market .

ANALYSIS OF ENTREPRENEURS Name of the Builder entrepreneu rs Opportuniti es Specialist Narayana Murthy The leadership team of Infosys is the key success factor for the organizations’ dramatic growth Sunil Mittal Has a clear vision and future target of his Organization He is ready to face the problem and take risk M A Yusuf Ali He has perfect He think about his Innovator .

A YUSUF ALI ANAND MAHINDRA MUKESH AMBANI BACKGROUN D Started softronic company Bicycle manufacturer to CEO Started business with his uncle to retail CEO Assistant in FINDIR to CEO Assisted his father in business DNA Builder Builder & specialist Builder & specialist Opportunist &specialist Builder SIMILARITIES Leadership style Clear vision Clear vision Take up challenges Not charismatic DISSIMILARITI ES Non-linear in taiking risk Ready to face risk Timid of taking risk Opportunist in world wide business Never spend money ACHIEVEMEN T To honor research &scientist on six categories Reveloutioner in tele communicatio n Opening new branch more than 37 countries Largest manufacturer of MUV&LCV more than 20 models Largest producer of polyester in the world NETWORTH $1.27 billion $ 20.0 billion $ 1.3 billion $ 5.8 billion $ 7.8 billion .Comparison of entrepreneur PARAMETER NARAYANA MOORTHY SUNIL MITTAL M.

experiences and attributes.attitude. . some of them came from ordinary background and they are still ruleing the world by their hard word and will power As study of above entrepreneur we finally conclude that each of them have their own strategy and qualities. To sustain their business most of the entrepreneur has sacrificed their money and time to succeed. traits.CONCLUSION We discussed about the various entrepreneurs and their leadership styles. behaviour . We came to conclusion that they came from different situation.