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I can count

T. Fauzia 7/16

Today after morning tea, Musa went to the Montessori corner and
started looking for an activity to work with. I was watching Musa, he had
a good look at the activities available and picked up a basket full of
beads and sat around the table beside his cousin Zeanab. Musa, then
told me "look teacher, I can count and picked up with tongs". When you
picked up the beads, he counted 1,2,3, all the way up to 20. Well done
With this activity Musa was learning how to use a pair of tongs. As well
as developing hand, eye co-ordination and learning numbers,
independence and self esteem. Next time Musa, we will extend his
learning and counting from 20 to 30 insha Allah.