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Read each sentence below.

Then tell
F if the statement given is a fact, O if the statement is an opinion.
1. Laziness among Filipinos contribute to our countrys underdevelopment.
2. The Philippines is an archipelago.
3. Filipinos should thank the Americans for teaching the English language.
4. Sampaguita is our national flower.
5. Jose Rizal is our national hero.
6. Life of the early Filipinos was better than our lives today.
7. Filipinos are probably not united because of the different languages
used in each region.
8. Lapulapu killed Magellan in Mactan.
9. I think our culture is greatly influenced by the Western people.
10. Most people believe that Filipinos are more creative than people from
other nations.




that _________ be _______________

true or __________ while OPINION
is someone's _______________ or
_______________ that can be proven
__________ or __________.