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Aris Kurniawan

Denny Zaelani
Huan Huang
Terrence Tang
Vivian Tsang

an Analysis of a Machiavellian Leadership Style

toonpool.jpg 1st April 2015 2 .com/user/8878/files/mark_making_a_pass_at_a_girl_1166865.What it is all about? Source: http://www.

com/watch?v=mOMUe26X3mo 1st April 2015 3 .There is no right or wrong… Source:

▪ “The end justifies the means”.A Machiavellian Leader? ▪ Manipulates others and focus on self-interest. ▪ Create a desired image and superficial charm to gain the loyalty of others. 1st April 2015 4 . ▪ Dishonesty is acceptable.

How about Mark? ▪ High Mach. ▪ Low authenticity. ▪ The pursuance of self-personalized goal. 1st April 2015 5 . ▪ Lack of moral and social awareness. ▪ Manipulator and high resilience towards social pressure.

Conclusion Source: 1st April 2015 6 .

Thank You… Any Questions? 1st April 2015 7 .