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By Emily Cossette

England Flag

Englands money and


In Britain, the main language spoken is English. (Britain English)

This type of English is not the same as American English or
Australian English.

Imports and Exports

Englands exports are manufactured goods,

fuels, chemicals, food, beverages, and

Their imports are manufactured goods,

machinery, fuels, and foodstuffs.

Englands King and Queen

The Queen of England is Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

Population, How they live, and

The population of England is currently around

In England, people life a very social life. Its

not too different from ours though.

The most popular job careers are working at

Toys R Us, Air Force, Catholic Health

Initiatives, Chi, and University for Arkansas for
Medical Science.

What religion do they follow?

In England, there are many different religions.
These religions in most popular to least- are:

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism,

Sikhism, Buddhism, and The Bah' Faith.

Famous painter from the

Lucas Horenbout was the Kings painter of

England in the 1520s.

John Bettes the Elder was an English artist

around 1543 to 1550.

George Go was an English portrait painter who

became Serjeant Painter to Queen Elizabeth I

in 1581.

How old is the History of

England was founded sometime in the 10 th


Traditions: Music, clothing, dance,


A few facts about England

-England has some of the best schools in the

-London (The capitol of England) used to be

the largest most influential city in the world.

-French was the official language of England

for about 300 years from 1066 to 1362.

-England is 74 times smaller than the USA.

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on England!
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