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iCEM Layer1 Architecture Overview

UMTS L1 SW team

iCEM Layer1.

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PG 2 .iCEM overview / Architecture • Base Band Unit (BBU) — One CDC (CoDeC) DSP (TI C6416 DSP) — Three MDM (MoDeM) DSPs (TI C6416 DSPs) — Three CRCP (Chip Rate Co Processor) ASICs iCEM Layer1.

 HPI HPI MDM Supervision  Serial   Port … To PQ2 CRCP UL data DL data  HPI MDM Supervision ASIC DL data ASIC CRCP Programs UL & DL  Serial   Port … To PQ2 UL data DL data  HPI UL data Supervision ASIC MDM CRCP  DL data FPGA U2TX … To PQ2 …To the TRM BBU architecture PG 3 .From the TRM…   UL data FPGA PDCP  Serial  Rach fingers to program the Crcp  Port Rach Detection … To PQ2  Serial   Port  HPI CDC Spv  Utopia UL DL E X T M E M S H A R E D M E M iCEM Layer1.

To MDM … … To PQ2 PDCP FPGA Rach fingers to Supervision Errors – Warnings … BBS_printf program the Crcp S H A R E D M E M Rach preamble  detection results   Serial    Serial    Port   Port HSP  HPI HPI HPI Supervision  of MDM AICH command Common channels  command BFN reading HPU DL data  Tasks UL data (soft bit) DL data (coded TrCh) U2Tx FPGA E D   HSM M A E D M A CDC External  memory UL data  TS / 5 IT  TS / 5 IT TS/5 Zoom on CoDeC iCEM Layer1. PG 4 .

iCEM overview / Architecture — CDC DSP — UL main functions — RACH preamble detection and fingers search / AICH — Soft bits level functions — — — — — TrCH rate dematching TrCH de-multiplexing De-interleaving Viterbi. Turbo decoding CRC management — ATM cells packing. FP transmitter — DL main functions — FP receiver — Coding chain — — — — — CRC attachment Transport block concatenation / Code block segmentation Channel coding Rate matching TTI interleaving — SRLR management — Compressed mode management iCEM Layer1. PG 5 .

From Codec … … To PQ2 Rach fingers to Measures (200 ms) Errors – Warnings program the Crcp S H A R E D M E M   Serial    Serial    Port   Port  HPI HPI HSP HPI UL data UL data DL data Supervision E D   HSM M A Tasks MDM Q HCP D M A DL data Programs for UL & DL ASIC CRCP  TS / 20 IT  TS / 5 TS / 5 IT TS/20 Zoom on MoDeM iCEM Layer1. PG 6 .

Pilot bits and data formatting — CRCP programming iCEM Layer1.— MDM DSP iCEM overview / Architecture — UL main functions — DCH fingers search and demodulation — RACH message demodulation — Inner loop power control management — Soft and Softer HO management — SRLR management — Compressed mode management — Nominal measurements — DL main functions — Frame building — TrCH multiplexing — Frame interleaving — TFCI. PG 7 . TPC.

HSDPA: iBTS Impacts Overview OMC BCS L1 CallP OAM Node B Node B configuration HS-DPCCH UL Cell management ACK/NACK/CQI Cplane Call management UE RNC DL HS-SCCH HS-PDSCH iCEM Layer1. physical mapping… Power management Measurements PG 8 . Uplane MAC_hs. channel coding.