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General Information and Details
• Located on a 13.4 hectare piece of land near the MATRADE complex and federal governmental complex of Jalan Duta. • Design and built by JKR with the collaboration JOHAWAKI – Ahmad Zaki Joint Venture Sdn. Bhd. • The total cost of this project RM225mil. • The construction began on 15 march 1996 and completed on 30 august 2000. • This project was delivered to Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) – the owner, on 4 sept 2000.

• The mosque consisted of 4 floor level with a build up area of 47000 meter square and boasts a capacity of 17000 jamaah at one time. • The mosque is accessed via 4 esplanades that span across the moat to the adjacent entry pavilions.

The Mosque’s Design
• The Design Concept.
– Mosque, it function is not just for formal worship but also for living and learning. – Te design concept revolves around featuring the mosque’s functions as the center of activities. – The mosque is design to be the center for devotion , education and social events. – Embraces main features of a traditional mosque which include the dome, courtyard, mimbar, mihrab, muqarnas and minaret.

• The Overall Design
– The masjid draws its primary inspiration from the great Ottoman Mosque of the 16th century.

• The Overall Design
• The domes above the Grand Prayer Hall encompasses a 30m diameter main dome engaged by three half – dome, a true semi circular vault and 18 small domes and 2 minaret that complete the whole composition.

• The Overall Design
• The courtyard ( Halaman Hidayah )with a fountain within the building functions as spillover and communal interaction area

• The Overall Design
– The soaring porch arch ( central portal arch), 29m in height with the unique blends of calligraphy , geometry and trees of life arabesque motif serve as an expressive and monumental entrance to the Grand Prayer Hall.

• The Overall Design
The archway at the entrance

• The Overall Design
– Divided into 4 levels.
• Educational and community activity spaces like school, seminar room, library are at the 1st and 2nd Level • The Grand Prayer Hall , and offices are at the 3rd level • Muslimat prayer hall at the 4th level

• The Overall Design
– The verandah
• Completed with the Moroccan-style archways

• The Overall Design
– The Minarets
• Masjid Wilayah persekutuan have two 96m minarets decorated with muqarnas. • Each minarets is divided into 5 segments that reflect the turkish architecture.

Constructions Material & Furnishing
• Bricks. • The domes are made from composite materials which comprises glass fibre fabric that is mixed with epoxy resin hardener to make it durable and light. The dome were then furnished by he imported mosaic tiles • The concrete beams support the dome structure • Special steel frames were used to support specific areas of the dome. The steel frame were then covered with granite finish and decorated with white marbles pillar and muqarnas The wall of grand prayer hall is made up of collodial white marble Glass Main dome – 24 fixed window skylight panels. Small dome – 30 skylight panels.

mosaic tiles

white marbles pillar and muqarnas

window skylight panels.

• Stone Carving
– The stone carving include;
• The Central Portal Arch • Mihrab

• Master craftsmen and artisan from india applied the in-lay technique for the stone carving. • Material use ; marble, granite, sandstone, and semi-precious stones ( lapis lazuli, malachite, and mother of pearl) • The in-lay uses the “ Wandering Clouds “ motif for the arabesques that consist of floral design. • The carved marble at the mihrab and the gateway of the main entrance are similar to has used in the building of Taj Mahal

“ Wandering Clouds “

The Mihrab

• Muqarnas
• There are several forms of design pattern for muqarnas. • The mihrab muqarnas , executed in marble, comprises pattern in division of seven ended with the star . The ceiling design adopts geometrical pattern with different depths for aesthetics and acoustics control.

The Muqarnas of the mihrab

• The stained glass artwork

• Wood Carving
– The wood carving include;
• • • • The main door and the doors at the prayer hall Mimbar The doors at the main walkway and VIP room Screen Partition at women’s prayer hall

• Hardly Chengal wood is intricately carved on both sides by master craftsmen and artisans from kelatan and terengganu. • They applying ukiran timbul bersilat and ukiran tembus bersilat carving techniques.

Screen Partition


• Calligraphy of Quranic Verses
– The calligraphy of quranic verses in the form of thuluth adorn many areas of the mosque including the mihrab, mimbar, Central portal arch and above the main doors to the courtyard

Ecological Design Features of the Mosque
• The lighting system.
– The special lighting system is an innovative lighting system which includes a device – the computer technology prisms that were located on the main dome for collecting and redirecting available sunlight and diffuse daylight deep into the building. – The chandelier ( which is free from any electrical bulb) acts as he deflector which direct sunlight and diffuses daylight into the building. – During night, the sport light that were located at the edge of the dome will light up those prisms to reflects light through the chandelier. – The special chandelier is made up by 1640 pieces of crystals and mirror ( average weight ; 7.5 tons)

• The lighting system.
– The interior spaces of prayer hall get more sunlight during day time due to the present of glass windows that surrounds the hall.

– The mosque is encircle by a moat boasting a series of cascading water to evoke senses of serenity and tranquility for the setting. – It also can cools down the surround temperature.

• Landscape
– Theme ; the mosque in the gardens – To harmonize the mosque with its setting and culture, reminiscent of the past palatial garden of islamic realm. – The relaxing atmosphere that surrounds the mosque is suit to the mosque function as the centre of knowledge and education, research and recreational. – The trees that covered the surrounding area of the mosque can reduce the Carbon Dioxide gas in the air and give cooling effect to the surrounding – 4 types of garden surrounds the mosque
– The Forest Park – Recreational Park – Herbal Park


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