Staff Development

What is Staff Development ( SD ) ? What are the objectives of SD ? Why SD is needed ?
What will be the role of a Manager for SD ?

What are the Methods of SD ?
HRD as a Three Way Exchange (Transactional) Model

HRD practice / Believes

Influencing factors of Staff Development

Human Resource Management and HRD
HRM involves the following functions : •


• •

Utilization Maintenance





Importance of Human Resource
I N P U T S NO NO Individuals

Organizational Development

Better Performance Desired Change

Individual Work Performance

Ability Knowledge

Willingness Skills Attitude

Training / Work Environment Practice Work Motivation Experiences Organizational Culture

Definitions of HRD
HRD is a continuous process that helps to acquire, sharpen and utilize capabilities required to perform various functions of an organization to achieve its’ pre-determined objectives and it also helps to meet present and future organizational challenges.

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HRD Definition ( Contd……)

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When do we need staff Development ?
Required competency

Actual competency
( Minus )


Do we need staff development ?


If the required competencies are equal to actual competencies


Ma in St aff

Ob je ctive s o f De ve lopment

1 Develop individual capabilities :
• To perform present job better • To be prepared for the future job • To discover and utilize staff potentiality

Ma in Ob je ctive s o f St aff De velopme nt
2. Develop organizational culture for the better:•senior-subordinate relationship •team spirit •transparency •risk taking attitude of staff •commitment and belongingness to the work organization.

Reasons for the HRD needs in organization:
- To increase productivity of staff - To meet suitable manpower need - To address market (competition) related issues - To be in tune with rapid technological changes

Reasons for the HRD needs in organization:
Contd.. - To catalyze the changing needs and expectations of people for better quality of goods and services. - To respond to the changes which comes because of change in external environment - To ensure organizational growth - To create good work environment

The role of a manager for HRD:
• Identify the development needs of staff • Manager should plan and implement staff development programmes • Utilizing the ability and potentiality of staff • Motivating staff • Giving feedback / suggestions to the staff • Continuous monitoring and evaluation • A manager should also act as a:
Trainer, Coach, Counselor, Role model in office

Methods of Staff Development in Organization
Staff can be developed in organization by providing them opportunities of: ·

· · · ·

Education and training Better linkages between performance and incentives Career development opportunity Work motivation Coaching/ counseling / mentoring Job rotation

Methods of Staff Development
( Contd…… )
• •

Workshop / seminars / study tours /

• • • • •

attachment Effective feedback system Supporting new ideas of staff Developing system to recognize good work Proper handling of staff grievances Suitable work environment Regular staff meeting

Methods of Staff Development
( Contd…… )

• Delegation of authority • Special assignments / new tasks / nominating in special committee • Self development activities • Developing study habits / visiting web sites • Participating in professional groups ( like MAN, PAAN, etc.)

HRD as a Three Way Exchange (Transactional) Model


HRD Dept.


Influencing Factors of HRD in Organization
Vision / Mission Objectives Organizational Culture

Organizational Plan

Drive / Motivation

HRD in Organization



Dev. Needs of the Staff Rules and Regulation

Some HRD Myth
* Fixing employees’ weakness will improve performance and enhance the organization's effectiveness * Employees strengths will take care of themselves * Many managers and employees believe they can do anything The biggest problems of managers in these days is “ They are busy in correcting employees weaknesses rather than discovering things which employees can do better “

HRD Practice
• In HRD practice, no other activities are more important than TRANSFER OF LEARNING 2. Just transfer of learning may not help to enhance staff performance IF IT IS NOT RELATED 3. Even if the transfer of learning is related with job, it needs to be implement ed, And for implementation; a. Support mechanism within organisation b. Motivation to apply learned skills / knowledge C.Work environment Physical and Psychological



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