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Does Family Have an impact

in Education
By Pedro Vasquez

As we all know education comes by tax payers and social class

Some have education some dont.

Different countries do not let woman have an education because they
believe woman dont need to study but should be housewife's.

Separation of white and black (Montgomery Bus Boycott & Liberation Theology)
Family Background/ economically
Philosophers who spread their teaching to their students.

Does family make a difference on their children

behavior? Or do other make their behavior change?
Guidance, support, wisdom, motivation and have goals. This are some
example parents give when they want their children to be successful
and well mannered.
Teacher, Parents, Counselor, and the people who surround children
have an impact on their behavior and academic point of view.
If children live in violence they grow up violent, if a children grows in
care, and good they would grow up mentally good.
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How does people perceive this

idea itself?
People view this helpful, mind changing.
Can improve children, and parents mental health.
The level of violence and help can help their children
become better at school and be successful.
Year have change and so has diversity. Gender and racial
profiling have ended in education.

How does a child education change over time

when they are thought good or bad things?
Well as the psychologist explains, children's good or bad but are
influenced by their surroundings.

Also theirs a saying Monkey see, Monkey do

Children behavior can cause an academic change when living in
a bad environment.

Children's who are beaten, mistreated or live in a violent home

emotionally learns this characteristic in which when they grow,
they can have a similar attitude.

Some children's become bullies, drop outs, etc.

Children's with caring parents grow successful which they would
do great in life.

What are some causes that education have

to help children behaviors to change?
Counselors, Psychologist, Teachers, and mentors.
Since some children's grow up in gang violence, domestic violence
etc. School have tried to set new programs that can help student
change their lifestyle.
Bullying ill say can cause children behavior.
If a parent doesn't support their children during bullying sometime
negative respond happen

Some stable institution that have

not change?
Counseling, psychology, therapy.
Historical, and philosophers whom their teaching are
being thought.
Teachings from different subjects and materialistically

How can we improve children/ Families

behavior towards their children's education?
First step: Fix household behavior
talking to psychologist or therapist.

Step two: Actually go to the session

and bring the family together.

Step three: Talk out their problems

and why they behave a certain way.

Step four: Connect, let emotions out.

Step five: Make a change not for
yourself but for your surroundings.

Step six: See improvement and keep

checking in with psychologist or

Who is involve during the change of a

child behavior? and What do they do to
help improve this situations?
Psychologist, parents, children's, mentors,
therapist, etc.

Psychologist try to both understand the point of

view why they behave a certain way.

Therapist helps both children's and parents

who've lived in trauma to talk about it and
express those emotions out.

Mentors whom try to guide childrens whom have

not have their parents support their entire

Does this institution work better for

some people as opposed to others?
Some people seek help, rather than others.
Theirs helps in school, online, cellular wise, and psychologist offices.
Some people do not seek help because they believe they dont need it
or just think its okay to behave a certain way.
This institution ill say work 70 percent of the time.


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