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WHAT IS HEALTH AND SAFETY? (H&S) • Health and Safety is about protecting ● ● workers from harmful incidents and effects at work where it might be caused by factors or practices in the workplace and this includes protecting workers from: Death and injury (Safety) Disease and illness (Health) .

H&S methods will . health and safety needs to be front of mind in every aspect of construction at all times.IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH AND SAFETY • Health and safety in construction is not a matter to be taken lightly. Construction materials. • Most accidents can be avoided by implementing stringent health and safety protocols and ensuring those protocols are constantly maintained. tools. The construction industry is prone to many hazards and accident potential. In fact. machinery and handling techniques all come with their own dangers.

INTRODUCTION FOR RESEARCHED CONSTRUCTION SITE  Construction : Building  Client :  Architects & Consultant :  Structural Consultant :  Main Contractor :  Number of employees at the site :  Forecast Date of Completion : .

Hazards in Construction Safety Excavations Scaffolding Ladders Hazardous processes Vehicles Movement of material Working positions. tools & equipment  Working environment  Electricity        Heal  Cleanliness ( Sewerage & th       sanitation ) Air ventilation and temperature ( 25-30◦C) Facilities for preparing and eating meals Temporary housing Lightning Safe drinking water Toilets .

Issues in following recommended safety procedures .

Methodology Study on safety management in construction projects Identification of safety factors and questionnaire design Data collection by questionnaire survey method Data analysis by statistical method Results and Conclusions .

Approach with questionnaire .

Health      Accommodations have provided for the labours properly.  Scaffolds are well erected.  Fire precautions are available in the site.  Unauthorized entry of persons are prevented. Labourers’ toilets arecleaning properly every day.  Safety inspection has been carried out regularly by the safety officer.  Safety meeting has been conducted once two weeks.Observations Safety  Notice boards are fixed in the site.  Safety barriers are used in the site. Water is supplied as they required. First aid unit is there in the site to given Smoke is spray in every place in the site every week. .  Personal protective clothing & equipment are supplied for the safety of the people work in the site.

Observations (Photos) .

Observations (Photos) .

Chart Title 6 5 4 Series 1 Observations/Results 3 Series 2 Series 3 2 1 0 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 .

Analysis of results .

Analysis of results .

 Day lights should be provided in nigh  Wear safety belts.Recommendations  Site safety conditions must be strictly followed and standards must be complied.  Lower workers’ compensation rates & payments. helmets and boots when working at height  Adequate amount of money to make safety precautions Conclusion Site will be benefited by Health & Safety procedures by.  The use of personal protective equipment should be supervised. . by comparing the survey results and considering expected degree of expectations.  Eventually.  Keeping the site tidy and clean.  Improved reputation as an employer of choice. site safety in construction must be improved.  The tools should be properly stored and damaged tool should not to be used  Appoint Safety Representative.  Reduced insurance & medical costs.  Increased efficiency & quality.  Higher productivity.