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Sue’s Genetic Project

• The different
traits we have
are what
makes us
unique and
who we are.
Attached or Free?
• One of the many traits that
we get are free or attached
• Looking at the collaborative
data, there was a larger
number of free earlobes,
making it seem like the
dominant trait.
• Our classes showed free
earlobes as the dominant
trait also.
• After researching, I found
that free earlobes are the
dominant trait.
Dimples or No Dimples?
• Another trait we get is either
dimples or no dimples.
• After looking at the
collaboration data again, it
seemed the dominant trait to
not have dimples.
• Our class had the same
• I found out that to have
dimples is actually the
dominant trait.
Curved or Straight?
• Did you know that the
dominant trait is actually
to have a straight thumb?
• Looking at the
collaborative data, it
seemed dominant to
have a curved
(hitchhiker’s) thumb.
• In our classes, our results
actually showed that the
dominant trait was a
straight thumb.

Have you ever wondered if
your eye color was
dominant or recessive?
• In our class, we determined
how many girls and boys
had the dominant trait of a
pigmented iris.
• 16 girls do, and 12 do not.
• 10 boys do, and 8 do not.
• All together, 26 students
do, and 20 do not.
Have you ever wondered how your eye color is
determined? On chromosome 19, the blue/green
pigment is determined. If you have the brown melanin
pigment on chromosome 15, then you will have brown
eyes, because brown is the dominant trait.
Left-handed or Right-handed?
• Did you know that years ago it
was thought to be “weird” to
be left-handed? That’s
probably why right-
handedness is dominant.
• In our classes, 24 girls are
right-handed and 4 are left-
• 15 boys are right-handed, and
9 are left-handed.
• All together, 39 students are
right-handed and 13 are left-
Freckles or No Freckles?
• Remember when your family
members used to say “aww,
how cute…look at those
freckles!” and you would just
smile? Did you know that to
have freckles is actually a
dominant trait?
• In our class, 6 girls have
freckles while 14 do not.
• 4 boys have freckles and 14
do not.
• All together, 10 students
have freckles and 36 do not.
• When I was making my
pedigree, I found that
traced back into 3
generations of my
family, including12
people, we all have blue
eyes. To have blue
eyes is a recessive trait.
All babies are born with
blue eyes, and unless
they have another color
overpowering the blue
pigment (which is
dominant), they have
the recessive trait of
blue eyes.