For Psychiatrists

(I’m in the Dragon’s Lair!!)

How Most Scientologists Would see this talk…

Who Am I?
 Single child  Born in Los Angeles (1972) to parents who were both Scientologists  Mom married twice after I was born (never married my biological father); Dad never married  Attended Scientology Schools – K-4 (Apple School) and High School (Delphi Academy) – Public School (New Hampshire) 5th – 8th grades  Exclusively a Scientology community (aside from extended family), and years in New Hampshire  Left Scientology during my early college years (UNH) 1990 – 1995 – Mom left when I was 15 – Dad left when I was ~ 24  I still have Facebook friends in Scientology – Discussion of having left Scientology is a real buzz kill  Married with 3 boys

My Images of L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) Growing Up

Auditing (or Psychotherapy)

Basic Concepts

Scientology Goal: Clear the Planet

Scientology Community / Crusade

Scientology Education

It Costs Money… Lots of Money

 PTS = Potential Trouble Source
– One is PTS through some connection with an SP

 SP = Suppressive Person
– 2% of the world population are true SPs (Hitler’s of the world) – Simplistically, any one critical of Scientology could be considered an SP

Scientology belief: All sickness and illnesses are directly related to being PTS For all intents and purposes, all Psychiatrists are considered SPs

My Story

Who was LRH?
 Was he this perfect?  Did he ever have a bad day?  Am I this lucky to be born into Scientology?

My “Test” for LRH…
 LRH is held at gunpoint:
– He can find 5 people to die for him – Or, he can sacrifice his own life

 Which would he choose?

My First Answer

A little more thought…

The Rehabilitation Project Force

My Decompression from Scientology
 UNH was great; no one heard of Scientology  Majored in Philosophy
– Talked to / educated many about Scientology

 Stumbled into the Boston Church of Christ
– Just like Scientologists, but different words

 Met a young LRH  First heartbreak  First attempt to see a psychologist

My Views on Religion and Psychiatry Today
 What’s True for You is True For You
– Big Scientology Concept

 Mostly Agnostic; like to believe in a greater being (higher self / god) of some sort  Have seen psychiatrists – but make very clear psychiatric drugs are not my thing.  Difficulties with Psychiatric drugs

How to approach a Scientologist as a Psychiatrist
 Don’t say you’re a psychiatrist
– Remember you’re the bad guys (SPs) from the Scientology mindset

 Recognize the crusade

– The greater goal of “clearing the planet” and doing all these super good things is infectious. It’s a big loss to lose that.

 Don’t prescribe psychiatric drugs (even if you think it would be useful)  Recognize an extended “decompression” period
– Takes time to learn what’s true, and what isn’t true.

Websites 
– my letters to a Scientologist

Books  Combating Cult Mind Control
– by Steve Hassan

 

 Madman or Messiah
– by Russell Miller

 A Piece of Blue Sky
– by Jon Atack

 Blown for Good
– by Marc Headley