Internship Presentation

Performance measurement of
ONE Bank Ltd. And Compare to
same generation other two

Presented By:
Abu Sayam Chowdhury
School of Business
Independent University,

Provide fulfillment for their People and create Shareholder Value. ➢Working environment to be supportive of Team work. Vision of ONE Bank: ➢To establish ONE Bank Limited as a Role Model in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh. ➢To meet the needs of their Customers. as a commercial bank in the private sector. It is contributing to the growth of our country’s economy. Mission of ONE Bank: ➢To constantly seek ways to better serve their Customers.Overview of ONE Bank Ltd. ➢To review all business lines regularly and develop the Best Practices in the industry. ONE Bank Limited was incorporated in May. . It is a progressive commercial bank in private sector. 1999 With the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies under the Companies Act.1994.

■Cash Section. ■Foreign Exchange section.Job Experience at the Branch In my internship I was joined in ONE Bank Limited at Jagannathpur branch Dhaka. General Banking is the starting point and main function of all the banking operations. Different section of the Branch ■Accounts opening section. It is the department which provides day-to-day service to the customers. I have completed General Banking and some exposure in advance in this branch. ■Clearing section ■Loan and Advance Section .

. ➢ It is difficult to make an information based rich report in a short time period. ➢ Time provided for conducting the study is another important constraint. ➢ In case of performance analysis secondary data are used.Limitations of the study ➢ The employees in The ONE Bank are so much busy in their responsible fields.

.Performance measurement of ONE Bank and compare with Bank Asia and Mutual Trust Bank.

.Return on assets is an indicator of how profitable a company is relative to its total assets.

.Return on equity indicates how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested.

Return on investment measure the amount of return on investment relative to the investment cost. .

.Asset management ratio indicates how successfully a company is utilizing its assets to generate revenues.

Liquidity ratio indicates that a company's ability to pay off its short-terms debts obligations. .

Banking regulators require a minimum capital adequacy ratio because of absorbing losses before they become insolvent. . This also improves stability in financial markets and protects deposit-holders.

Price earning ratio gives an idea how much investor are willing to pay for the company’s earning. The higher price earning ratio indicates the more investor are willing to pay for the company’s earning .

.Earnings per share are also a calculation that shows how profitable a company is on a shareholder basis.

.Findings ➢ONE Bank’s ROA and ROE are higher than two other banks. That’s means OBL return on investment is higher than Investment cost. ➢Asset management ratio of ONE Bank is better than Bank Asia and MTBL. Its means OBL is utilizing its asset properly. ➢Return on Investment of ONE Bank is better than Bank Asia and MTBL. Its means OBL net income from total asset and shareholder equity are better than Bank Asia and MTBL.

They increase their CAR to fulfill the requirement of Basel-II guideline provided by Bangladesh Bank. ➢ The price earnings ratio of ONE Bank is lower than Bank Asia and MTBL. Its means that OBL ability to pay off its short term debt’s obligation is higher than Bank Asia & MTBL.Findings (con.) ➢ In liquidity ratio of OBL performance is higher than Bank Asia and MTBL. That means the investor are willing to pay for OBL share is lower than others. ➢ The Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of ONE bank is good. . But The Bank Asia average CAR is better than OBL and MTBL.

Some employee do not know the all function of this software. ➢ONE Bank use ERP software name oracle flex cube.) ➢EPS of ONE Bank is good but it is lower than Bank Asia. .Findings (con.

➢ ONE Bank should motivate their employee properly. ➢ The credit sanction procedure should be made quicker. .Recommendations ➢ Need to do more advertisement ➢ ONE Bank should enhance their ATM service.

By doing so. It has already taken out steps to venture more market in the form of syndication. There should be more innovation in the products and services of OBL.Conclusion Banking is highly complex service. In this report its shows that the performance of ONE Bank is better than Bank Asia and MTBL. People want to get better product and service from banking corporation. It is actually a number of services under one roof. . In modern era. OBL can sustain and even improve its sound growth of profitability in the long run. issuing credit card etc. merchant banking.