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a New School Year!
SUCCESS is the ONLY option
on this playing field!


Our mission is to maximize students educational

needs as well as their cultural, emotional, physical
and social development.We know that during these
early elementary school years, providing our children
with a strong educational curriculum, state of the art
computers, and qualified loving teachers will result
in a permanently enriched intellect which will be of
considerable advantage for the rest of their lives.


Our goals are to develop students

self-esteem, sense of order, concentration,
personal pride and independence and to
provide them with many positive learning
experiences to ensure their successful
future education.

Getting Ready for 21



How teachers fit into our mission?

We are facilitators of knowledge
We are here to encourage and
inflame the passion of learning for
each student.
We are here to spark creativity and
instill and practice the idea that
learning can take place beyond the
classroom walls.

General Information
Each teacher is required to be at school
7:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. You must sign
in at the front office with your fingerprint.
If you are planning to be out, please fill out
the leave request form and submit it to Ms.
Fernandez or Ms.Mercy.
If you are out unexpectedly, please fill out
a leave request form upon returning to

School Duties &

Ms. Fernandez and Ms. Palonis will assign
before or after school duties to teachers.
Duties can be changed at any time as it
benefits the school and its student
Our students safety, emotional and
academic well-being is to the utmost
Teachers will have quarterly

Email Communication
All new teachers will be provided with an
official school email address.
School email should be checked twice a
Use this email for school related
communication ONLY
We are going green and many importance
items will be sent through email.

What should the room look


Rules and consequences
Students work
Word Wall
Board configuration
Behavior Chart (if appropriate)

Homework Policy
Homework is to be aligned to the
lessons that were taught in class that
All homework is to be an extension
and independent application or
practice of what was taught.
Homework is part of standard-based
Homework must be recorded on
students planner in all grades.

The 15 minute rule (2-5) :
15 minutes after class starts and 15
minutes before class end, students
are NOT ALLOWED to use the
Teacher should monitor children who
use the bathroom excessively.

Arrival of Students
School opens its doors to students at 7:30 a.m., ONLY for students that
would like to have breakfast. Once they finish they should go back and seat
outside on a designated table. (2 Teachers on duty)
Each morning teachers will come outside at 7:50 a.m. And line up their class
on a designated spot to get ready for the Pledge on Allegiance
Classes will be dismissed by grade level not later than 8:00 am. After all
classes are inside, back doors will be locked and any students arrival late,
have to report by front desk and every teacher should mark these students
You are required to have academic morning work (at Kidz Choice we called it
DO NOW) and procedures set-up for the students to complete until 8:10
All DO NOW work must be tied to a skill for review that the class might
have struggled in the past, or a springboard assignment to help prepare
them for the lesson of the day.
(K-2 must use a Do Now notebook, 3-5 their subject notebook) MANDATORY

Cafeteria Procedures
Drop off Students
Wait with your students in a line until the lunch staff has
the tables set up, and informs you that students can be
seated. Please arrive ONLY 5 min. before your schedule
Picking students up
When you come to pick up your students from lunch,
please make sure that the table where they are sitting has
a large trash bag so the students pick up after
Lunch staff will dismiss the students from their tables by
class so they can line-up by their teacher.
Please be on time dropping off and picking up students.

Specials are offered to our students in order to help enhance
their educational experience.
Specials are also offered to give teachers an opportunity to
plan and take care of school related tasks.
While we try to hold specials on a regular basis, there are
many times when they might be cancelled due to
circumstances out of our control (Front office will notify you if or
when this happens)
Performance Art classes will be in a designated classroom
P.E./Gym will be at the play ground or Gym. You must bring
your students outside in an orderly manner and stay with your
own class.
Bowler Ed will be in a designated classroom

Planning and Copy Room

We share only two copy machines. (Your computer
will be set up to be connected with it)
It is a best practice to have all copies made at a
minimum of two days in advance.
Students are not allowed to be in the teachers
planning/copy room by themselves for any reason- No
Teachers should not make copies during instruction
Reduce the amount of copies, use others resources
available at the school, online and textbooks.
Keep the copy room clean and organized.

Start dismissal procedures at 1:55 p.m. no
before. Only those teachers on afternoon duty
will go outside by 1:50 pm
This includes:
All chairs must be staked neatly at the top of the
desks so floors can be swept and clean each
Please leave your classrooms neat and accessible
for people to come and clean during the night.
Try to remember to turn the lights off when you
leave the classroom.

Dismissal Procedurals
Teachers are to walk with their students in a line
to the designated dismissal location
Please wait with your students until 2:15 p.m. or
when all your students have been picked up.
If at 2:15 p.m. you still have students, they are
to be signed into after care school using the
log located in the front office.
Each class will create a plate color coded with
students names. Parents should place it inside
the car, to facilitate dismissal procedures.

How do I get home and children Information?

It is highly recommended that you have a list of how
students get home each day.
Include this information on your student important
contact and Information sheet for the Meet-n- Greet.
If there is a change in dismissal for a child, such as
going home with another student or someone else
picking them up, there must be a written note from
the parents or direct communication from the front
If you receive a letter, please notify the front office

Front Office Communication

Please remember that front office personnel are
the gate-keepers of the school.
Please notify the front office if:
Any parents are coming to your class
Early meeting or conferences
Classroom parties or events.
Open door policy doesnt mean parents can walk
in and out of the school facility without
During Instruction time, parents should not be
allowed in classrooms

Grade Book
Each teacher should maintain daily
attendance (electronic document)
and weekly grades (2 per week by
subject) on EDUSIGHT. More
information during pre-planning week
Team leaders will provide you
assistance if it is necessary.

MEETING . (Team Leaders and Administration)
(Team leaders and teachers)
MEETING (Administration and teachers)
Data Chats once a month.
Parent-teacher conference: A least twice a
year (Mandatory).
Happy Phone calls a least once a month.

Keep tune!

We hope you have a wonderful

school year!!!!
SUCCESS is the ONLY option on
this playing field!
Ms . Fernandez
Assistant Director