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Calculation View

Create calculation views to provides composites of other views. You can classify
calculation views as script-based calculation view or graphical calculation view

They can be used in the same way as analytic views; however, in contrast to analytic views,
it is possible to join several fact tables in a calculation view.

Set to Cube - if you want to define a calculation view that is visible in the
multidimensional reporting tools.

Set to Dimension - The view is not available for multidimensional reporting and is
only consumable via SQL.

Calculation views can include measures and be used for multidimensional reporting or
contain no measures and used for list-type reporting.

2 ways Graphical Mode & SQL Script based

Use Calculation view to implement complex scenarios

We can use Attribute View, Analytical View, Database Tables , Column Views in creating
Calculation view.

Graphical Mode:

Measure: Quantifiable data, such as revenue, quantity sold and

Types Of

Calculation View

We can create Hierarchies in calculation


Calculation View

Calculation View

Calculation View

Demo Graphical Calculation View

Demo SQLScript / CE Functions based Calculation


Calculation View

Points to be Noted:

We can create calculation view Graphical mode or Script based.

Graphical calculation views can include layers of calculation logic.
We can use the Script based Calculation View as table Function in Graphical Calculation View.
We can also migrate Script based calculation view as Graphical Calculation View.
Following Nodes can be used in Graphical Calculation View: Join, Union,
Projection, Aggregation, Rank, Star Join.
The following Objects can be used as DataSources : Column Table, Column View, Attribute
Views, Analytical Views, Table Functions generated from Script based Calculation view.
Similar to attribute view or Analytical view, when a calculation view is activated it creates
column view in _SYS_BIC schema.
We can create 2 SUB types of calculation views: Standard , Time.
You can only have one source of input for RANK,aggregation and projection view nodes,
two inputs for a join and union node (Multiple).
We can create hierarchies in Calculation View.
Aggregation node keep Flag property
Optimize join Join node
Dynamic Join Join node
Calculation Views of data category Dimension & BLANk cannot be used for reporting

Calculation View

In Graphical Calculation View Filtering can be applied only on Aggregation Nodes &
Nodes which are not default.

Propagate to semantics.

Generate Concat Attributes

Execute in SQL

Transparent Filter

Extract Semantics

Restricted Column with Input Parameter

Mapping of Variables & Input Parameters

Enable History Time Travel Queries